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S Test

S-Test Compression Test

Device to determine the compression resistance per length unit in fluting paper. The S-Test has been developed to...

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Introduction Photo

Salt Spray Corrosion Chambers

Ascott™ salt spray or salt fog cabinets and chambers - one of the World's most modern and most...

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Ect Billerud

Sample cutter for ECT - Billerud type

Billerud pneumatic cutters for cutting samples for ECT test. Equipment with two blades of one edge for parallel...

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Sample preparation - Rycolab multi cutter

For the preparation of several samples simultaneously.

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Strip Cutter2

Sample preparation- Strip punch cutter

For cutting strips according to the "punch and die" principle.

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Csm Steinfurth Steinfurth Sampler f009b1af67


The Steinfurth Sampler pierces and pressurizes PET and glass bottles and cans. Piercing is performed pneumatically, so there...

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Saver 3 D15 Data Logger Standing

SAVER 3D15 shock and vibration field data recorder

The SAVER 3D15 is intended for measurement applications where DC recording capabilities are required. Most often these are...

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Saver 3 M30 Data Logger Mounting

SAVER 3M30 Shock and Vibration Data Logger

The SAVER 3M30 is an affordable, high-performance data logger for monitoring of critical items for potential damage during...

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Saver 3 X90 Mounting

SAVER 3X90 Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorder

The award winning SAVER 3X90 is a “best in class” field data recorder. This self-powered instrument provides 16-bit...

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Saver 9 X30 Data Logger Gps 295X300

SAVER 9XGPS Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorder

SAVER 9XGPS is an enhanced version of SAVER 9X30. Built-in GPS capabilities allow for position and speed data...

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Saver Am Data Logger Mounting 300X270

SAVER AM Shock and Vibration Data Logger

How do you know your critical shipments have maintained their integrity during transport? Shipping cargo by truck, rail...

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Saver 9 X30 Mounting

SAVER™ 9X30 shock and vibration field data recorder

The SAVER™ 9X30 is Lansmont's most capable shock and vibration field data recorder. It can record up to...

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Schopper Riegler Rl Spr A

Schopper Riegler degree refiner

Equipment for determining the paper fibers refining degree and drainage speed. The range of manual equipment (using pulleys)...

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Scorch/Sublimation Testers

Determines colorfastness and shrinkage to hot pressing and dry heat.

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070876 01

Semi-automatic Sheet former

Automatic sheet former has the same system as the manual one. With 159 mm sheets. This equipment avoids...

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Semi-Automatic Tensile Tester STATIGRAPH L

STATIGRAPH L is a semi-automatic tensile tester that requires manual insertion of the test specimen. The table top...

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0 d 9 e 0d9e53b713dcf1bc1539784dd6c0162cc82399ca RL SAC A

Semiautomatic cobb water and oil absorption tester

To determine the water and oil absorption capacity of paper.

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Sensor Iq Easy

Sensor IQ Easy

A sensor that measures the electrostatic charge of a web can be added to the IQ Easy platform...

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Sentry ionising blower

The Aerostat Sentry ionizing air blower neutralises static charges perfectly. The Sentry has been designed for areas where...

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Sheet Press

Sheet press

Voor het ontwateren en persen van handvellen geproduceerd op vellenmachines volgens TAPPI of SCAN .

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Shock testers

The Model 122 can be configured to perform half-sine, trapezoidal and terminal peak saw-tooth waveforms with minimum set-up...

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Durometer Hpsa

Shore durometers

The principle of the Shore durometer is to test the resistance of the sample against the penetration...

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Short span compression tester (SCT Test)

The Short Span Compression tester (SCT Test) is used for paper or board stripes with 15 mm width...

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Shoulder Cart

Shoulder Cart Tester

“Shoulder” Can Abuse Resistance Test: A weight is dropped onto the can shoulder, damaging the inner coating...

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Sikkens® Scratch Tool for cutting panels 

Scratch / Cutting tool designed specifically for cutting panels in preparation for salt spray testing, as described in...

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The Solution is a high resolution leak and flow tester featuring one to four channel concurrent or multiple...

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Somerville Rl Sv A

Somerville classifier - Shive content analyser

The Somerville classifier is used to determine shives/chips and impurities (stickies) in paste/paper pulp. Firstly, it was designed...

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The spectrophotometer is used to measure the ISO brightness (according to ISO 2470), colour, fluorescence and opacity in...

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Speed Dryer

Speed dryer

For drying purposes of paper or pulp sheets. Also for mass determination of sludge.

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Spencer Impact

Spencer impact attachment

The Spencer Impact Attachment was developed for use with Thwing-Albert’s Elmendorf Tear Tester. It provides a convenient method...

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SR Nozzle

Spray Rating Tester

To determine the surface wetting resistance of fabrics. Comprising a metal framework allowing distilled water to be sprayed...

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Stainless Steel Pycnometer

Stainless Steel Pycnometer

This Pycnometer is a stainless steel precision instrument to determine the specific weight of paints and similar products...

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Akkordeon Statischer Mischkopf Ms Sc

Static mixing system MS-SC

The MS-SC static mixing head is equipped with diaphragm valves and is therefore suitable for mixing highly abrasive...

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Stein Hall viscosimeter

The VSH is worldwide used for the control of the viscosity of starch adhesives, for the production of...

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Steinfurth Closure Tester (CT V6)

Resistance against interior pressure should be tested frequently, but at least when a new closure design is to...

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Steinfurth Temperature Logger for storage monitoring (Telid 3T)

Many applications in the modern beverage industry requires monitoring of temperature. The Steinfurth Temperature Logger Telid 3T is...

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Trommel Monstersnijder

Strip cutter

This manual cutter quickly prepares up to 10 samples with one step. Ideal for film, paper, foil and...

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RPM measurement, measuring the number of oscillations. Detecting slippage. Motion analysis by freezing or slowing down actions. Principle...

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Surface Resistance1

Surface resistance meters

This device measures the surface resistance. They position the device simply on the test material and you...

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Surface tension measurement

The surface tension is determined by the maximum value of the force measured right then at the contact...

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Sweating Guarded hotplate

Often referred to as the “Skin Model”, the Sweating Guarded Hotplate (SGHP) measures thermal properties and water vapor...

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