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CO2 monitoring in packaged beverages

The content of CO2 is one of the most important influencing quality parameters affecting taste and shelf life of beverages. A continuous monitoring of the carbon dioxide content is therefore essential to ensure a consistent quality.

Succesful installation of the Lansmont vibration table

The vibration table can generate very distinct frequencies to determine the transport simulation of different packages.

The vibration table was installed in an environment provided with concrete walls. A special grid is placed around the vibration table to guarantee a safe access. As well as the installation of the vibration table , the electrical connection and the implementation of the test software was performed by Rycobels service engineers. This ensures a smooth operation of the system adapted to the customer’s needs.

Tensile test results and the importance of sample preparation

Preparing a sample without jagged edges or nicks is vital to ensure accurate tensile results. Those imperfections will affect the ability to provide consistent tensile results for the physical properties of the specimen. The way a sample is handled can also have an impact on the tensile test results and should also be handled with care once cut.