Permeability - Package integrity


Creating an ideal atmosphere and providing the right packaging can extend the shelf life of your product. The purpose of a package is, after all, to form a barrier between the content and external factors in the environment that might affect the content. With the right test equipment the permeability of oxygen, water vapour or carbon dioxide and almost all other gases are measured.

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Oxygen Transmission rate - OTR testing equipment

8100E New Logo

8100e OxySense® Oxygen Transmission Rate Analyzer

Setting the new bench mark in oxygen transmission rate measurement instruments, the All-NEW OxySense® instrument incorporates the latest...

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Oxygen Permeation Analyzer 8001

Modular systems for precision oxygen analysis of packaging film barriers. The 8001 is a versatile and easy to...

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Permeation 8700

Oxygen Permeability Analyzer 8700-8701

The ultimate solution for fast and reliable oxygen permeability testing of multiple bottles, packages, or films. Whatever your...

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OTR Oxygen Permeation Analyzer 8200

Simple, cost effective OTR oxygen permeation testing for packages and bottles. Ideal for OTR oxygen permeation testing of...

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Oxy Sense 5250I

O2 analyzers, OxySense 5250i

Laboratory O2 analyzers can be used for non-invasive and invasive measurements in oil, water and air. The OxySense...

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325In Jpg

Non-invasive Oxygen Measurement Systems, OxySense Oxygen Analyzer 325i

The OxySense 325i is the ideal solution for smaller labs who require non-invasive oxygen measurement systems and invasive...

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Bendsten 2

Bendtsen Roughness and Air Permeability Tester

The Bendtsen Roughness and Air Permeability tester determines the air permeability and surface roughness according to Bendtsen method...

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Gurley Densometer

Gurley Densometer

Densometers are the accepted standard for measuring the porosity of materials such as papers, wovens, plastics and membranes.All...

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Gurley Smoothness

Automatic Densometer & Smoothness Tester - Gurley model 4340

The Gurley model 4340 Automatic Densometer & Smoothness Tester combines the abilities of textile, standard and high pressure...

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Air permeability tester Akustron

The Akustron air permeability tester measures the air permeability of filter papers, nonwovens and textile fabrics within seconds...

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Air Permeability Tester - AirPerm

The AirPerm automatically measures the flow of air through a given area of a fabric under a set...

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Water vapor permeability testers - WVTR testers

Gas permeability