Schopper Riegler degree refiner

Equipment for determining the paper fibers refining degree and drainage speed. The range of manual equipment (using pulleys) has been discontinued, leaving only the pneumatic and pneumatic digital models in catalog. In the new models, the raising and lowering of the cone is carried out though a pneumatic piston, facilitating work and reducing costs. Equipment manufactured in stainless steel for perfect conservation over time. Digital models are equipped with a touch screen where we obtain the refining value and the drainage curve of the paste/pulp.

  • Two models: pneumatic and digital pneumatic.
  • Ease of operation and cleaning.
  • Robust equipment made of stainless steel.
  • Adjustable speed of the closing cone (standard 100 mm/s).
  • Pneumatic activation of the release and closing system.
  • Reading of the direct grade of the graduated glass (manual and pneumatic model).
  • Reading on color touch screen in the digital model.
  • Simple system for recovering paste/pulp.
  • CE Marking