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Wascator - Washing performance tests

The Wascator is the reference standard to test wash fastness. Up to 999 washing and drying programs can...

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Water column - Water proof tester

This instrument is employed to establish the minimum pressure that induces the passage of water through the...

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Bevlamming C Serie

Water cooled burner

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Impact Penetration Tester M232 P

Water resistance: Impact penetration tester

The Impact Penetration Tester evaluates the resistance of textiles to the penetration of water by impact, such as...

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Water Vapor Transmission Rate Analyzer AquaSense 7101

Meeting the NEW ASTM International F3299-18 standard, the AquaSense Model 7101 water vapor transmission rate analyzer incorporates the...

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Wet film thickness gauges

Wet film thickness gauges

Wet Film Thickness Gauge WG is a hexagonal/octagonal precision measuring comb made of heavy stainless steel. The high-grade...

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Wet Film Thickness wheel

Wet Film Thickness wheel

A wheel-shaped thickness gauge made of stainless steel to check thickness of fresh and wet film The wet...

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Wetback - Rewet properties

Measuring rewet properties according to EDANA/INDA WSP 80.10 (former ERT 151) and WSP 70.8 (former ERT 154) –...

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Cap 100

Wick and weigh test - CAP 100

Device for automatic and reproducible determination and characterisation of the capillary rise properties of nonwoven and woven materials.

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Wire bar coaters

Wire bar coaters - Coating Applicators

These bars are ideal for the application of inks and coatings onto flexible materials such as paper, card...

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Worker Integra

Worker Integra - Leak and flow test system

The TME WORKER Integra™ is a bench-top, high resolution (as low as 0.0001 psi) test instrument with a...

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Worker Leak and Leak Flow Tester

The TME Worker™ is a high resolution (0.0001 psi) instrument that can be confi gured as a Leak...

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