The process is disrupted


Build-up of static charges on non conductive objects can create enormous adhesion forces. These forces cause materials to stick together or repel each other at locations in a production process creating disruptions.

Examples of sticking together:

  • A plastic film sticks to the idle roller causing disruption in the web tension and web guidance.
  • Small punched parts stick together
  • Sheets on a stack stick causing feeding of multiple sheets
  • Plastic film wound on a roll sticks to the roll when trying to unwind
  • Bags do not open because the layers are stuck together

Examples of repelling

  • Yarns for textile travel alongside at very small spacing. Repelling causes irregular spacing
  • Small injection moulded parts jump out of the box
  • Sheets float on a stack
  • Film on a roll during winding is telescoping


Placing anti-static devices at strategic positions in the process will help to reduce the static charge and eliminate the problem. Depending on the process various anti-static devices are available for flat surfaces, objects, low speed, high speed and with additional air support.

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