Semi-automatic Sheet former

Automatic sheet former has the same system as the manual one. With 159 mm sheets. This equipment avoids the error by human factor in the sheets production practically in its entirety. With operations of filling, agitation, calm, emptying and automatic drainage. Removing the sheet without roller by vacuum system. To finish the formation of the sheets, a press and a quick dryer are necessary.

  • Manufactured in stainless steel.
  • Possibility of forming square sheets (square former).
  • Training and automatic pressing.
  • Extraction of the sheet formed by vacuum without needing a roller.
  • Built-in Siemens control touch screen.
  • Filling, stirring, vacuum and automatic drainage.
  • Possibility of manual operation of the equipment.
  • Diameter of blade (Ø 159 mm).
  • Consult for other diameters.
  • CE Marking