Dynamic signal analyzers

Turnkey Vibration Acquisition and Analysis Hardware Running on Easy to Use, Versatile, and Powerful Software

Compact and rugged, the 900 Series hardware is designed for the most demanding field or lab applications. With a modular, distributed architecture, the 900 Series can be expanded to over 1,000 channels for laboratory use. Read more on impact testing with the 900 Series.

Dynamic Signal Analyzers Dataphysics


The 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzer software offers signal analysis solutions for a wide range of dynamic testing applications:

  • General FFT Analysis
  • Throughput Recording & Playback Analysis
  • Structural and Modal Analysis
  • Rotating Machinery Analysis
  • SRS Analysis
  • Sine Data Reduction
  • Time History Editor

Simplified test and analysis

The new SignalCalc 900 Series software makes the process of defining a test, making measurements, analyzing data and generating high-quality reports easier than ever before. All setup, project, test article, and customer information is saved along with measurement data in a database. Easily search for data from different test runs and test types for analysis and report generation.

  • Manage tests and data using the built-in relational database
  • Streamline testing by running multiple simultaneous real-time measurements
  • Define custom real-time signal processing functions using mathematical operations, including, integration, differentiation, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, matrix operations, filters (low pass, high pass and bandpass), Fourier Transform, Inverse Fourier Transform
  • Generate high-quality custom reports

Modular, Scalable Hardware

The new Abacus 900 Series hardware platform is a powerful, real-time, distributed digital signal processing system. The Gigabit Ethernet network architecture allows the systems to be used independently or combined to create larger systems with over 1,000 channels. Systems are comprised of channel cards with up to six channels per card. Two channels on each card are reconfigurable by the user as inputs, outputs or tachometers allowing the system to be configured as needed for each test.

  • Up to 216 kSamples/s for 80 kHz of alias-free bandwidth
  • 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion with up to 150 dB dynamic range
  • Channel-to-channel phase accuracy of better than 0.5 deg at 40 kHz