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Laboratory balance EU-C LCD series - Black version

Technical balance, by default in black, specially used for the paint industries. USB connection by defaultLCD display with...

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Steinfurth LCS - Laboratory Carbonation System LCS

Laboratory carbonation system

The LCS 710 carbonates individual beverage samples with exactly predefined CO2, content. The system works fully automatic and...

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Refinador entero baja

Laboratory Disc Refiner

Similar disc refiner to the refiners used in production. Ideal equipment to obtain the real behaviour of the...

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Laboratory Pulp Fluffer

The PF-21 is a high performance laboratory pulp fluffer which produces fluffed pulp, quickly and with high repeatability...

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Sheet Dryer New

Laboratory sheet dryer Rapid Kothen

The TD-RK is a laboratory sheet dryer designed to be used along with any Rapid Köthen type...

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Laboratory Sheet dryer S100

The S-100 laboratory sheet dryer is designed for drying hand sheets from all sheet molds. The sheet dryer...

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Img 00231 Copy114


AATCC specified the Launder-Ometer as the only approved colorfastness to washing instrument for over 50 years. It has...

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Lb Unit

LB2A45 power unit

This power unit is equipped with two high-voltage transformers with 180°phase-shifted output voltages. As a result, the anti-static...

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Limpidity meter for rose and white wine

During the production of wine, several substances can cause haze. This can effect the taste of the wine...

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Linear 6 Point

Linear 6 point

Simco-Ion Europe offers various electrodes, including the 5 Point, Linear 6 Point and the Pinner Claw, specifically for...

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Lister Absorption tester

According to EDANA, the Lister instrument is seen as the reference to measure the 'strike through' features...

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Loop Tack

Loop Tack Fixture

The loop tack test measures the tack (instant grip) of an adhesive. The capability to rapidly and reliably...

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9 e 0 a 9e0afe4834852a2b13eb4a678495b79a201ab38c LT 2000 Loop Tack Tester

Loop Tack Tester

Quickly and efficiently determine the tack or "grab" of an adhesive with the ChemInstruments Loop Tack Tester. This...

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Designed to help optimise colour viewing in work areas, the VeriVide Luminaire (VL) mimics natural daylight. It is...

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