Orange Bottle

The Orange Bottle was designed to verify the calibration and operational repeatability of manual or automatic torque tester for beverage closures. The bottle is constructed using high energy permanent magnets and heavy duty ball bearings to insure the long term durability of this calibration standard. Each Orange Bottle is labeled with its exact torque rating and is supplied with a certificate of calibration and traceability.

The Orange Bottle can be used instead of a real bottle for torque measuring. The value from the torque instrument can be compared with the Orange Bottle and should be in range of the deviation.

Application: Beverages, Torque, Pharmaceutical and medical

Property: Torque - Torsion

  • Application
  • Automation level
  • Benefits
    • High level of reproduction
    • Quick verification of the system
  • Industry
    Beverages, food industry, pharmacy and packaging industry