Steinfurth Manual torque measuring system TMS2000

The TMS2000, manual cap torque tester, is used to test closures and to measure the open force and close force of twist-off closures, caps, of bottles or flexible tube packages.

The container is fitted to the clamp mechanism and manually opened. Meanwhile, the reactive torque is monitored and its peak value displayed and stored afterwards. Measuring the closing torque is also possible. The system is equipped with the RS232 for easy data download to the PC.

Application: Torque, Beverages, Pharmaceutical and medical

Property: Torque - Torsion, Beverages

  • Applications Manual determination of the opening and closing torque of bottles
  • Test objects Bottle closures
  • Automation level Manual machine
  • Advantages
    • Robust construction
    • Suitable for lab and filling line
    • Easy handling

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