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D 05 27 Quiet Cabinet

Taber ® Quiet Cabinet

The typical sound level of operating a Taber Abraser and its vacuum system can exceed 80 dB. Utilizing...

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D 05 28 Sample Cutter5000

Taber ® Sample Cutter - Model 5000

The Model 5000 Sample Cutter is a manually operated bench top cutter designed to cut a 107 mm...

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Taberwieltjes 1

Taber abrading wheels

Used with the Taber Rotary Platform Abraser, two abrasive wheels create the circular wear path recognized as a...

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Crockmeter Taber

Taber crockmeter

The Taber® Crockmeter - Model 418 provides a quick and accurate method to determine the amount of color...

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Falling Sand

Taber falling sand abrasion tester

The Falling Sand Abrasion Tester - Model 820 is a popular apparatus used to measure the resistance...

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Grit Feeder

Taber grit feeder attachment

The Taber® Grit Feeder Attachment is used in conjunction with the Taber Rotary Platform Abraser (Abrader) to evaluate...

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Heavy Duty

Taber Heavy Duty Linear Abraser

The TABER® Heavy Duty Linear Abraser - Model 5800 is used to evaluate material properties of products with...

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Taber Linear abraser 5750

The TABER Linear Abraser (Abrader) - Model 5750 has been engineered to test either contoured or flat surfaces...

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Taber Multi-Finger Scratch / Mar Tester

The TABER® Multi-Finger Scratch / Mar Tester - Model 710 is used to measure the relative resistance or...

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Taber Multi-media abraser

The TABER® Multi-Media Abraser provides a reproducible method to measure the relative abrasiveness of most fluids, powders, pastes...

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Taber oscillating sand abrasion tester

The TABER® Oscillating Abrasion Tester - Model 6160 is best known as an "oscillating sand tester". Described in...

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Reciprocating Abraser

Taber Reciprocating Abraser

The TABER® Reciprocating Abraser (Abrader) - Model 5900 is a test apparatus similar to the instrument described in...

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Taber Rotary Abraser 5135 & 5155

The Taber Abraser (Abrader) is used to conduct accelerated abrasion and wear resistance tests on flat specimens. Samples...

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Taber scratch accessories

The Taber scratch kit includes both diamond tools along with a 7x measuring magnifier. The scratch kit...

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Scuffing Head

Taber scuffing Head Attachment

The TABER® Scuffing Head Attachment enables you to perform scuff, scrape and/or adhesion tests with the Taber Rotary...

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Taber Shear Scratch tester

With the TABER® Shear / Scratch Tester, you can evaluate resistance to shearing, scratching, gouging, marring, scraping and...

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Specimen Mounting

Taber specimen mounting tables

The Taber specimen table equipped with the Taber Abraser has been designed to work with most materials. This...

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Webbing Abraser

Taber webbing abrasion tester

The TABER® Webbing Abrasion Tester - Model 5820 is used to evaluate abrasion resistance properties of seat belts...

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Grit Feeder Web1

Taber® Grit Feeder - Model 355

The Grit Feeder is a freestanding instrument used in conjunction with the Taber Abraser (Model 1700 or 1750)...

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Abraser Web

Taber® Rotary Abraser - Model 1700/1750

“Taber Test” delivers reliable data in minutes. Used to evaluate a material’s resistance to wear, a flat specimen...

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Specimen Mouting 1700 1750

Taber® Specimen Mounting for Abraser Model 1700/1750

The specimen holder (SH-125) provided with the Taber Abraser Model 1700 / 1750 will accommodate most rigid materials...

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Wheel Refacer Web

Taber® Wheel Refacer - Model 350

Resurface Taber abrading wheels with precision. The Model 350 Wheel Refacer is used to refresh and standardize the...

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Wheel Refacer

Taber® Diamond Wheel Refacer - Model 250

The Taber Wheel Refacer is recommended to refresh the contact surfaces of Abrasive wheels. It makes sure...

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Flexible Material Kit

Taber® Flexible Material Abrasion Kit

The Taber® Flexible Material Abrasion Kit can be used to evaluate the abrasion resistance of most flexible films...

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IMG 0024 base 1200

Technical balances EU-C LCD series

LCD display with small-size decimal digits, for easier and more immediate reading Waterproof and acid resistant membrane keyboard...

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Temperature Control Jacket

Temperature control jacket

The NEURTEK Temperature Control Jacket for Viscosity Cup is a double jacketed casing of anodised aluminium with built-in...

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Dx Series3

Tension Meter Hand-held : DX-series

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Dn Series

Tension Meter Hand-held: DN-series

12 Tension ranges available from 20 - 120 cN up to 5 - 50 daN Application textile industry...

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Tens Ion

Tension voltage tester

Test Method Hold the TensION at a distance from the ionising points / emitters. If a high voltage...

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Test Chart

Test charts

Test charts are a perfect substrate for the preparation of uniform films of coating materials, adhesives and...

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Testinks - Test Ink Method

These test inks measure the surface tension of polymers. Several inks with different surface tensions are available...

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Testpartner 4

Test Partner 4 (TP4) is Lansmont’s latest generation data acquisition system designed to capture and analyze dynamic events...

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Textender Web

TexTender - Static Elongation Instrument

The Textender is designed to evaluate the stretch, recovery, and growth properties of fabrics, especially those used in...

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Dht 2 produktansicht 590x481

Textile Moisture Meter DHT-3

Multi function moisture meter to determine the residual moisture of yarn bobbins, fabric rolls, cotton bales, fiber flocks...

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Thermal shrinkage and shrinkage force -TST 510

Thermal Shrinkage Tester determines the thermal shrinkage and/or the shrinkage force, which is built up in yarns or...

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Soorten thermokoppel thermometers

Thermocouple meters

The thermocouples provide fast and precise measurements and can be used for example in production, transport, storage, catering...

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Bevlamming 226

Three slot high output burner

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Bevlamming 24

Three slot universal burner

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Thunder Ion 2 0 1

ThunderIon 2.0 ionising bar

The ThunderION is a revolutionary development in both design and functionality. It offers long distance static elimination even...

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Thunder Ion 2 0

Thunderion IQ 2.0 ionisation bar

The ThunderION is a revolutionary development in both design and functionality. It offers long distance static elimination even...

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Top Gun

Top Gun ionizing air gun

Simco-Ion's Top Gun III is developed for light industrial applications. A high ion production attend to an optimal...

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Steinfurth Torq Traq

TorqTraQ® Torque Measuring System

Ergonomic hand-held torque measurement In the food & beverage industry, the opening torque of bottles and other containers...

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Adhesion Peel

Tray peel fixture for Friction Peel Tester

The tray peel fixture is designed to measure the seal strength properties of rigid trays used in the...

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TruMotion Acceleration Test Systems - Unit Load Stability System

When transport vehicles accelerate, turn or brake, the resulting low-frequency accelerations can cause unit loads to shift. Lansmont’s...

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Tru Motion Double Axis

TruMotion Multi-Axis - Load stability test system

Vast improvements in the quality and quantity of environmental field data now demands improvements in test methodologies. Regulatory...

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Tuft Withdrawal 2

Tuft withdrawal tensometer

The carpet sample is held down by a steel plate, and a pair of surgical forceps is...

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Twin folding tester - Schopper principle

Determines the folding resistance of paper acc. to the Schopper principle. The device measures the number of folds...

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Typhoon Blower

Typhoon Blower

A Typhoon system consists of a blower with one or several air knives and tubes. Each system will...

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Typhoon With Ep Sh N 1

Typhoon with EP-SH-N anti-static bar

The airknife is constructed of extruded aluminium with incorporated mounting grooves. This design provides a precise air volume...

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Typhoon With P Sh N Ex

Typhoon with P-SH-N-EX

The airknife is constructed of extruded aluminium with incorporated mounting grooves. This design provides a precise air volume...

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