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P Sh N

P-SH-N anti static bar

This type of anti-static bar, a more powerful version of the EP-Sh-N is highly effective and, with its...

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P Sh N Ex

P-SH-N-EX anti static bar

This anti-static bar has the same properties as the P-Sh-N. but is equipped with an integrated power unit...

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Package integrity tester

The package integrity tester tests flexible packages for leaks, and gives go/no-go answers independent of the operator. It...

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Web Vacuumsealsample

Package Seal Strength Fixture

The Package Seal Strength Fixture is designed to use a vacuum powered clamping system to hold unique samples...

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Csm rh5 papierfeuchte 03 919264c3f4

Paper moisture meter - RH5

The humimeter RH5 paper moisture meter is a powerful moisture tester with sword probe (see picture) for humidity...

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Ta14 P2

Pass Thru Heat Sealer: TA12-P/2

CeraTek TA12-P/2 Heat Sealer is a precision pass-thru heat sealer. The maximum pass-thru width and the maximum recommended...

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Homogenizer 01

Paste Homogenizer

To mix mixed and/or refined paste samples and to prevent the caking of fibers in the laboratory·s sheets...

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PCA Score bend & opening force tester

Versatile Paperboard & Carton Testing The ability to predetermine settings in the production of cartons can increase overall...

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Pdt 300

PDT Droptest 300

The Lansmont Model PDT 300 was designed to accommodate large products and packages such as returnable bulk...

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PDT Droptest 700

The Lansmont Model PDT 700 was designed to accommodate very large products and packages such as returnable...

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Pdt80 M

PDT droptest 80 & 80M

The Lansmont PDT 80 is the enhanced version of the PDT 80M. This Drop Tester is perfect for...

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PDT droptest 80M

The model PDT 80M is Lansmont's entry level Precision Drop Tester. The PDT 80M consists of a...

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Peach Proofer

Peach proofer

The Peach Proofer is an easy and economic device which consist out of two units: The inker(application unit)...

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Pencil Hardness Tester

Pencil hardness tester

This is a simple and effective technique to evaluate the hardness of many coatings.The pencil lead, prepared beforehand...

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The Perfomaster provides the hardware and software to generate a controlled spark over, detect this and evaluate the...

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Quickly and accurately measure the burst strength of die cut label stock with the Perforation testing machine. The...

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Performax Easy

Performax Easy

The rugged Performax Easy static neutralizing system, with reinforced profile offers superior deflection performance that minimizes damage due...

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Performax Easy Ex 1

Performax Easy EX

Compact high efficient static neutralising for explosion hazardous environments . The Performax Easy Ex has an integrated high...

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Performax Iqeasy

Performax IQ Easy

High performance combined with optimal control. This is the new standard for antistatic bars. In combination with the...

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Performax Easy Ex

Performax IQ Easy EX

Compact high efficient static neutralising for explosion hazardous environments. The Performax IQ Easy Ex has an integrated high...

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Performax Easy With Airknife

Performax IQ Easy met luchtmes

The Airknife with Performax IQ Easy is especially useful for situations where the ionisation or cleaning needs to...

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Perspirometer - Perspiration tester

To determine color fastness of textiles to water, perspiration, seawater and yellowing.

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Pfi 1

PFI Laboratory Mill

For use in the laboratory for beating of chemical pulps under standardized conditions and also for the desfibration...

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Pgx Dosing Unit Pg1010 01Mr

PG Dosing unit for PGX+

The PG Dosing Unit is a standalone pumping device designed to deliver liquid droplets from a disposable...

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PGX+ contact angle analyser - Pocket Goniometer

The PGX+ Pocket Goniometer, measures contact angle (dynamic and static), surface tension, and surface energy. According to the...

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M231 PR1

Phenolic Yellowing Test Products

The Phenotest was developed and is intended to assess the potential of phenolic yellowing of textile materials. Performing...

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Pinner 5 Point

Pinner 5 point

Simco-Ion Europe offers various electrodes, including the 5 Point, Linear 6 Point and thePinner Claw, specifically for spotcharging...

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Pinner Claw

Pinner Claw

Simco-Ion Europe offers various electrodes, including the 5 Point, Linear 6 Point and the Pinner Claw, specifically for...

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Plasma Nozzle RD1010

The Openair® plasma system RD1010 is especially suited for sensitive and geometrically flat surfaces. The plasma treatment is...

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Plasma nozzle RD2004

The RD2004 plasma nozzle boasts a compact design suited for diverse applications of Openair® plasma technology. Its slim...

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Plasma nozzle RD2005

The RD2005 plasma nozzle is a double nozzle system comprising two separate plasma nozzles which rotate in unison...

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Pnu Burst

Pnuburst - Pneumatic burst strength tester

The PnuBurst provides unparalleled capabilities in a pneumatic bursting tester. Automatic flow control ensures bursts are achieved within...

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Pocket hardness test Kit

The Hardness Test is a pocket instrument for testing the hardness and wear/scratch resistance of materials such as...

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Polyken Probe Tack

The Polyken™ Probe Tack makes it easy to measure the tack of pressure sensitive adhesives. A precision ground...

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G Rindometer

Precision Grindometer

This instrument is used to determine the degree of fineness of grinding of paints. It is also used...

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Precision Heat Sealer AS/2 (12" / 24")

CeraTek Precision Heat Sealer on an open-back frame. This model includes external output ports (temperature, pressure and dwell...

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Ta12 As1

Precision Heat Sealer: TA12-AS/1

Precision Heat Sealer on an open-back frame featuring a digital timer and temperature controller, surface mounted thermocouple, dual...

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Ta12 Asl1

Precision Laboratory Heat Sealer: TA12-ASL/1

Precision Laboratory Heat Sealer on an open back frame with upper and lower heated jaws, each independently controlled...

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M223 2 1 Precision Dryer

Precision Tumble Dryer

Laboratory Grade Precision Tumble Dryer with Digital Controller. Equipped with an accurate electronic controller to control exhaust temperature...

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Precision Vacuum Plates

Totally flat precision-vacuum plates for temporarily fixing flat substrates during coating.

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Pressure and temperature loggers

Pressure is one of the mostly monitored physical values industrial applications today (in particular in the beverage...

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D 01 12 Bubble Tester Manual

Pressure bubble tester

The TM Electronics TME Pressure Bubble Tester provides low pressure and controlled flow to apply to a pouch...

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Print Simulation Tester (PST)

The PST measures the dynamic smoothness that occurs inside a printing press for flexo, offset and rotogravure...

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Progage thickness tester

The ProGage Thickness Tester utilizes advanced technology to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of sheeted materials such...

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Prompt FFD

Optical sensor for online real time monitoring of technical yarn for broken filaments and fluff.With its special design...

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Puncture Tester

Puncture tester

For measuring the required energy to puncture corrugated board and cardboard. The test consists of puncturing a board...

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