Drying & air rinsing systems for the craft brew industry

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Paxton Products has drying & air rinsing systems for the unique needs of the craft brew industry. For a brewery venturing into automation, the versatile PowerDry Drying System dries both bottles & cans for date coding or labeling. Later, as the brewery expands, Paxton Drying Systems can grow with it, easily managing higher production volumes & increased line speeds. For bottle and can rinsing, Paxton’s Ionizing Bottle and Can Rinsers eliminate the need for water rinsing, while being highly energy efficient.

All Paxton Air Systems are custom-engineered, including air delivery devices specific to the application – whether drying for date coding or labeling; or rinsing the inside of bottles & cans prior to filling. We couple the air delivery devices with a high efficiency centrifugal blower sized to provide the precise volume & pressure of air needed; and we back the blower with a full three year warranty.

Air Systems by Paxton are sustainable by design

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Ionizing Bottle & Can Rinsers eliminate the need for water rinsing, preserving water resources while using 50 - 80% less energy than air rinsing using compressed air. Comparative QC tests show that product quality is preserved, and at one craft brewer, Paxton Air Rinsing led to reduced TPO.

Drying Systems by Paxton, including the PowerDry Drying System, a pre-configured drying system that’s ideal for date coding & slower speed labeling applications, are 5 times more energy efficient than compressed air drying, and 2 – 4 times more efficient than other blower-based systems.


  • Custom-engineered for the line speed and container sizes
  • Versatile to accommodate various container sizes
  • Energy efficient blowers with low maintenance
  • Large installed customer base in craft brew industry