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Oxy Sense 5250I

O2 analyzers, OxySense 5250i

Laboratory O2 analyzers can be used for non-invasive and invasive measurements in oil, water and air. The OxySense...

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Gaspace Advance 003

O2 CO2 Tester, the headspace gas analyzer Gaspace Advance

Gaspace Advance Micro MAP analyzer for Carbon dioxide and Oxygen headspace gas. Fast and accurate, for testing in...

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On-line Determination of the fiber orientation | NOS200

Determination of the fiber orientation along and across the machine direction of nonwoven webs The MD:CD ratio gives...

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Bevlamming 62

One slot universal burner

For pretreatment of flat and fragile structured partsFor high speed or generally increased power demandActive Range 20 - 80 mm

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Online Crimp inspection system

Online inspection of crimp number and its distribution along and across the tow. Also as laboratory version available...

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Ts Series

Online tension measuring systems (TS-series)

For yarns, wires, cables, optic and carbon fibers and similar materials. A wide variety of rollers .

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OPT Opening Performance Test

For beverage filler and closure manufacturer, the opening performance of twist closures is an important quality parameter. The...

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Orange Bottle

Orange Bottle

The Orange Bottle was designed to verify the calibration and operational repeatability of manual or automatic torque tester...

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OTR Oxygen Permeation Analyzer 8200

Simple, cost effective OTR oxygen permeation testing for packages and bottles. Ideal for OTR oxygen permeation testing of...

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Gs Waterproof

Oxygen and carbon dioxide headspace gas analyzer GS Waterproof

Robust, portable and waterproof headspace gas analyser for factory packing environments. The GS Waterproof is easy to carry...

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Oxygen and carbon dioxide headspace gas analyzer GS6000

Oxygen and carbon dioxide headspace gas analyzer GS6000 Oxygen and carbon dioxide headspace measurement for modified atmosphere packaged...

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Permeation 8700

Oxygen Permeability Analyzer 8700-8701

The ultimate solution for fast and reliable oxygen permeability testing of multiple bottles, packages, or films. Whatever your...

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Oxygen Permeation Analyzer 8001

Modular systems for precision oxygen analysis of packaging film barriers. The 8001 is a versatile and easy to...

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O Xysense8102

Oxysense 8102 – Oxygen Transmission Rate Analyzer

The OxySense® 8102 analyzer measures oxygen transmission rate and incorporates the latest in coulometric sensor technology with high...

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