Steinfurth Temperature Logger for storage monitoring (Telid 3T)

Many applications in the modern beverage industry requires monitoring of temperature.
The Steinfurth Temperature Logger Telid 3T is developed as a specialized system for simple monitoring of temperature during storage or transport of beverages.

  • The complete evaluation of the measured data is done at the PC.
  • Clearly structured software offers graphical display as well as clearly arranged data storage.
  • All measuring data files include a time stamp.
  • An unlimited number of loggers can be used.
  • Calculation & evaluation of TDUs is part of the system software.
IndustryBeverages, Food Industry, Pharmacy, Packaging Industry
EmploymentMeasuring & Recording
Measuring CategoriesTemperature
ObjectsBeverages & Food
SpecificsMeasuring & recording during transport & storage
Automation LevelFully Automatic Machine
  • Compact, robust build
  • Simple graphic evaluation
  • Documentation of temperature
  • Self-sufficient functioning
  • Food grade materials
  • Data export to MS Office™
  • Data transfer: via radio waves
  • Geometry: cylindric
  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Height: 12mm
  • Weight: 24g
  • Housing: stainless steel/epoxyd
  • Data memory: ca.1800 measuring values
  • User-Memory: min. 64 characters
  • Battery life: typical 4 years
    depending on measuring rate, mode and temperature
  • Temperature range: -30...+85°C
  • Storage: at –25...+25°C (to safe the battery life time)
  • Temperature resolution: 0.5K
  • Temperature accuracy (without calibration): 1K (0...+70°C)
    2K (-10...+85°C)
    4K (-30...+85°C)
  • Thermal time coefficient: ca. 9min (in air)
    ca. 2min (in water)
  • Data storage: start date & time programmable
  • Measuring interval: 1...255min (programmable)