Automatic closure torque measuring system TMS5010

The opening torque of bottles and other containers with twistoff closures is an important quality parameter and vital for customer satisfaction. For many routine tests, where precise reproducibility, user independency and special test procedures are necessary, an automatic operated torque measuring device is an optimal solution


The bottle (container) is fitted to the clamp mechanism and is opened automatically. Meanwhile, the reactive torque is monitored and afterwards the peak value and torque curve will be displayed and stored. There is also the possibility of measuring the closing torque, seal break and overtorque. Closures are hold by customized closure chucks with constand topload during the complete measuring.

Product details

  • Industry Beverages, Food Industry, Pharmacy, Packaging Industry
  • Employment: Measuring & Calibration
  • Objects: Bottle closures
  • Specifics: Flexibly programmable
  • Fully Automatic Machine
  • Measuring Methods Physical Performance Test Method - Removal Torque, Physical Performance Test Method - Strip Torque


  • User independent, precise torque measuring
  • Suitable for lab and filling line
  • Integrated standard beverage procedures
  • Interactively programmable measuring sequences
  • Easy handling
  • Standardised variable Top Load
  • Integrated calibration device
  • Graphic display of torque curve
  • Measuring data evaluation by standard PC software (MS-Excel™)
  • Automatic application angle measurement


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