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Magnetic compensation analytical balances – ETERNITY

Large, easy-to use graphic displayReading in grams or milligrams with reduced decimal places and other measurement unitBar graph...

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Mod E 50 S3 P2

Magnetic compensation semimicro analytical balance E50 S/3

Automatic autocalibration with built-in calibration weightPrepared for weighings under the balance planeStable weight determination signalAcid resistant membrane keyboards...

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Cent 2

Magnetic compensation technical balances CENT-series

LCD display with small decimal digits Membrane keyboard solvent proof; easy to use with TARE, ON/OFF, PRINT and...

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Magnetic Stripe Abrasion Kit

Magnetic Stripe Abrasion

Magnetic stripes are found in a variety of products. Consisting of tiny magnetic particles in a resin, magnetic...

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Manager Iq Easy Zonder Kap

Manager IQ Easy

Manager IQ Easy Introducing a new level of static control; the heart of the new IQ Easy platform...

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Manual force gauges

These devices can be used for a quick and simple quality test during the production process. There...

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Manual MTT Strip cutter

This manual strip cutter quickly prepares samples 1 inch (25.4 mm) wide for measuring material tensile or...

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Rapid Oil

Manual Spin finish measurement

Due to cold extraction the concentration of spinfinish can be measured.

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070875 01

Manual TAPPI Sheet former

For manually manufacturing sheets. It is a traditional system to place on a countertop through manual agitation. The...

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Manual torque measuring system TMS2000

The TMS2000, manual cap torque tester, is used to test closures and to measure the open force and...

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MAP4 Library

MAP4 Materials Testing Software

MAP4™ Materials Testing Software is designed to analyze the data captured on Thwing-Albert testing machines. This software is...

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Martindale abrasion and pilling tester

Martindale abrasion and pilling tester

The Martindale is a versatile instrument capable of multiple abrasion and pilling tests. It uses precision components to...

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Master Screen 2

Masterscreen pulpfractionator

MasterScreenTM XLQ model is a low consistency screening device designed to mechanically separate fibres from contaminants, including...

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Max Ion

MaxIon anti-static bar

Each individual emitter pin of the MaxION anti-static bar is coupled capacitively to the high voltage. You will...

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MEB anti-static bars are often used on production machines were short range ionisation is possible and where no...

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Mechanical package shaker

Packaged-products must withstand vibration and impact dynamic energy while being transported. Mechanical shakers are a low cost testing...

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Dx Series

Mechanical tensionmeters

DN-serie 12 tension ranges: from 20-120 cN; up top 5-20 daN For ribbons, textiles, foils and similar flat...

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Pressure Calibrator

Medium pressure calibrator

The pressure calibrator is used for precise monitoring and adjustment of pressure gauges and transmitters. It is equipped...

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MEJ anti-static bars

MEJ anti-static bars are often used on production machines were short range ionisation is possible and where no...

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Melting Point Tester

Melt Point Tester

Measures the temperature at which powdered plastic material melts. It is observed through a illuminated magnifying glass. The...

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Micro1000 2

Microbalance MICRO 1000

Motorized weighing chamber UP/down button to open and closeLCD display with small size digits, for easier and more...

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Moisture Management Tester (MMT)

The MMT is the only instrument on the market that can precisely measure the liquid management properties of...

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MPM - MultiPowerMAster

The MultiPowerMaster (MPM) is an addition to the range of high voltage powers units. It features electronically stabilized...

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