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A Unit 1

A Unit - Static elimination power unit

The standard model has a modern styling featuring easy-access control and connections. It is equipped with an on/off...

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D 04 17 ATS 600

Absorption tester

This absorbency testing system is ideal for research and development as well as quality control applications.Its small size...

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Accelerated weathering - Suntest CPS+(II)

The practical benchtop xenon lamp unit with useful accessories to tailor your SUNTEST towards your needs. Here you...

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Accelerated weathering - Suntest XLS+

The SUNTEST XLS+ is used to check for property changes of materials and products caused by sunlight, temperature...

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151orsuntest xxl open

Accelerated weathering - Suntest® XXL+

The SUNTEST XXL+ is used to check for property changes of materials and products caused by sunlight...

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Adhesion Release

Adhesion and Release testing machine

The most versatile peel tester on the market, the Adhesion/Release testing machine with digital display is designed to...

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M233 G

AFC 45° Automatic Flammability Tester

To determine the burning characteristics of textiles under controlled conditions. Stainless steel test cabinet with glass observation panel...

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Air Permeability Tester - AirPerm

The AirPerm automatically measures the flow of air through a given area of a fabric under a set...

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Air permeability tester Akustron

The Akustron air permeability tester measures the air permeability of filter papers, nonwovens and textile fabrics within seconds...

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Airperme Covid Facemasks 2

Air permeability tester for medical protective masks (Differential pressure)

This air permeability tester measures air permeability of textile fabrics such as clothing and industrial fabrics, technical, downproof...

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Meb With Airknife 1

Airknife with MEB anti-static bar

A type MEB shockless anti-static bar combined with an airknife come in standard lengths. The compressed air is...

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Alfa Cutter

Alfa Sample Cutter

Air operated, this cutter quickly prepares test samples of plastics, rubber, fabrics, gaskets, leather, paper stocks, etc.

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Alfa 2

Alfa sample cutter: Hydraulic or Pneumatic

Alfa cutters utilize interchangeable steel rule dies. A large selection of dies are available for all of your...

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Alpha H500

Alpha + Humidity - Humidity test cabinets for common corrosion test standards.

Designed to appeal to the modern test laboratory, who want affordable equipment that is easy to install, simple...

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Ja 50

Analog thickness testers

These analog devices allow the user to perform a quick and reliable test with a accuracy of ...

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Analytical balances CRYSTAL-series

LCD display with small decimal digits Membrane keyboard, water proof and solvent resistant, easy to use with TARE...

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Spec Edge

Analyzing impurities in paper

Spec*Scan software is used to measure and analyze impurities in pulp, paper and paperboard, utilizing images from...

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7100 Left Side

AquaSense 7100 - Water Vapor Transmission Rate Analyser

Coulometric Sensor for WVTR analysis to meet the new ASTM F3299-18 standard for testing barrier films. Meeting the...

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Ascott Kesternich Chamber

Ascott Kesternich Chamber - Kesternich test

Kesternich testing simulates acid rain or industrial chemical exposure to evaluate the relative corrosion resistance of the coating...

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Atmosfar Chambers

Atmosfär chambers have been specifically designed for fully automatic testing in accordance with highly demanding laboratory-accelerated corrosion tests...

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Atmosfär Premium Chambers - Ascott - Rycobel

Atmosfär Premium Chambers

Atmosfär chambers have been specifically designed for fully automatic testing in accordance with highly demanding laboratory-accelerated corrosion tests...

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Automated Cut & Weigh - ACW600/DVA

ACW 600 automatically determines the fineness (dtex) of filaments by weighing. Due to DVA (Denier Variation Accessory), the...

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Alfa 300

Automated Spin finish measurement - ALFA 400

Testing instrument for highly automated determination of the spin finish level on staple fiber or filament in OPU%...

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Automatic Burst tester for PET bottles

The Steinfurth PC-Line: BR-7000 Burst Tester is especially designed for internal pressure re-sistance tests on PET-bottles. The system...

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Automatic Capacitive Evenness Tester for Filament Yarn - Covamat

Nowadays a high degree of automation in filament yarn laboratories as well as a short response time to...

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Automatic closure torque measuring system TMS5010

The opening torque of bottles and other containers with twistoff closures is an important quality parameter and vital...

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Automatic CO2 Tester CDA MK-6

The CDA MK-6 measures pressure and temperature simultaneously, calculates the CO2 content and transfers the measurement results via...

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Texturmat Me

Automatic Crimp-Contraction and Shrinkage Tester TEXTURMAT ME+

TEXTURMAT ME+ measures crimp contraction, crimp modulus, and crimp stability on hanks of textured yarns based on German...

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Gurley Smoothness

Automatic Densometer & Smoothness Tester - Gurley model 4340

The Gurley model 4340 Automatic Densometer & Smoothness Tester combines the abilities of textile, standard and high pressure...

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ATX Automatic Applicator Rycobel

Automatic film applicator

The Automatic film applicator ensures linear motion and application of the film with repetitive and high quality results...

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Automatic Linear Density and Tensile Tester for High-Tenacity Yarns STATIMAT 4U

STATIMAT 4U is an automatic tensile- and linear-density tester for very coarse and high-tenacity yarns with a force...

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Auto Sampler

Automatic sampler

Routine sampling from beverage containers for analytical purposes may result in considerable strain for additional laboratory work. The...

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Automatic Single-Fibre Test System FAVIMAT+

FAVIMAT+ is worldwide the first and only single-fibre tester which combines six test methods in one instrument, for...

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Automatic Single-Fibre Tester FAVIGRAPH

TEXTECHNO’s solution for those clients, who need a fast tester for single-fibre linear density- and tensile measurements, is...

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Stress Crach Tester

Automatic Stress Crack Tester (PET)

The Stress Crack Tester has been designed for automatic stress crack tests on PET bottles. The instrument is...

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Statimat Me

Automatic Tensile Tester for Yarns STATIMAT ME+

STATIMAT ME+ is the standard automatic tensile-testing instrument for yarns operating at constant rate of extension (CRE), with...

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Statimat Ds

Automatic Tensile, Count and Evenness Tester for Yarns and Threads STATIMAT DS

The STATIMAT DS represents the perfect testing solution for the most important yarn quality parameters – tenacity, count...

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