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Baker applicator 2

Baker Applicator

Film applicator of constant coat thickness, with four pre-defined coat application heights. Cylindrical film applicator with four predefined...

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Baker applicator

Baker universal Film applicator

Film applicator with variable height adjustable through and eccentric and graduated drum. Coat thickness adjustable from 0 to...

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Balance for hazardous environment - EU-C ATEX series

These instruments are dedicated to the usage in environments with risk of explosion, classified as ZONE 2. They...

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Ball Impact Tester

Ball Impact Tester

The Steinfurth Ball Impact Tester allows standardized impact tests for bottle closures. The bottle to be tested...

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070308 070309 070310 bauer 1 low agp

Bauer Mc-Nett Fiber Classifier

Equipment for determining the fiber length distribution in pulps. Models made of stainless steel with 3,4 or ...

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Bekk Smoothness Tester 2

Bekk smoothness tester for paper & board

The Bekk Smoothness Tester is microprocessor-controlled instrument for measuring the smoothness of paper and board according to the...

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IMG 0171edit silueta

Bending Resistance Tester

For the determination of bending resistance and stiffness of paper and paperboard according to ISO 2493, TAPPI T556...

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Gurley 4171 S

Bending stiffness tester Gurley - Model 4171S

The Bending stiffness tester Gurley - Model 4171S measures the force required to bend a variety of...

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Buigstijfheid Taber 2

Bending stiffness tester Taber

The TABER® V-5 Stiffness Tester - Model 150-B or 150-E is used to evaluate stiffness and resiliency properties...

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Bendsten 2

Bendtsen Roughness and Air Permeability Tester

The Bendtsen Roughness and Air Permeability tester determines the air permeability and surface roughness according to Bendtsen method...

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Bird film applicator

Bird film applicator

Bird type film applicator with four standard coat application heights: 50, 100, 150 and 200 microns. The bird...

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2260 filmblocking

Blocking Fixture for FP-2260 according to ASTM D3354

This film blocking fixture is designed to meet ASTM D3354 Blocking Testing of Plastic Film on the FP-2226...

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EP0404013 SIMCO ION Ionenspruehduese Blowflex Easy Inline

Blowflex Easy - Nozzle

Blowflex Easy is an in-line ionising air nozzle for neutralising and cleaning various surfaces. The nozzle is connected...

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Blow Ion

Blowion ionising air blower

The BlowION ionising air blower has been designed for multifunctional applications. It features an ergonomic, robust designed extruded...

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Steinfurth Bottle Neck Pressure Tester BNTP benutzt

Bottle Neck Pressure Tester

Continuous thinner packaging of non-carbonated beverages requires to stabilize the package by nitrogen injection after filling. If the...

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Bottle Pressure Tester

The Steinfurth Bottle Pressure Tester is easily attached to glass bottles with crown closures or PET bottles. It...

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Box Caliper

Instruments used for the accurate determination of internal dimensions of corrugated paperboard boxes.The solid board and corrugated fibreboard...

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Box compression tester

Box compression tester (BCT) - Compression strength tester

The box compression tester is designed for testing compressive strength on corrugated boxes/cartons according to international standards. Compressive...

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Brecht Holl

Brecht-Holl Classifier

The fiber classificator is used for the separation of pulps into fines, shives and useful fibers fractions. Ring...

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V1 V2

Brookfield rotational Viscometer

Rotational viscometer according to Brookfield.

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Bt Interga pack 3 removebg preview

BT Integra Pack

Package Tester for Burst Tests, Creep Tests, Creep-to-Failure Tests, and Leak Integrity Tests The BT Integra Pack does...

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Bundesmann - Water Repellency Tester

To determine the resistance to the passage of simulated rain by fabrics being rubbed and rotated. Water which...

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IMG 0985 edit alta 2

Burst tester for paper & board - Bursting Strength Tester (Mullen method)

Laboratory equipment with pneumatic clamping to determine Mullen burst in board and paper. Large colour touch screen burst...

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Burst Fixture

Burst tester for tissues

The Tissue Burst Tester is a precision, PC-controlled instrument that measures the wet and dry burst strength...

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BW ionising air nozzle

This nozzle has been designed especially for neutralising and cleaning (small) bottles on the inside, etc. Ionisation takes...

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