Steinfurth OPT Opening Performance Test

For beverage filler and closure manufacturer, the opening performance of twist closures is an important quality parameter. The OPT 180 opens a closure quickly and reproducibly on the original thread. Meanwhile, it records torque, rotation angle, vertical movement, pressure and temperature.

The OPT doesn’t exert any vertical force on the closure, making a blow-off-effect clearly visible. The recorded data is transferred to a PC and evaluated there.

Application: Beverages, Torque, Pharmaceutical and medical

Property: Torque - Torsion

  • Test on original thread with test bottle
  • Test with original beverage possible
  • Adjustable gas volume and pressure
  • Reproducible testing results
  • Recording of torque, rotation angle, vertical movement, pressure and temperature
  • Closing mode with defined torque
  • Simple blow-off detection
  • Menu-based user interface
  • Programmable test parameters
  • Safety door
  • Opening revolutions: 180 RPM
  • Torque: 0...50 in-lbs
  • Pressure: -1...9 bar (-14.5...130 psi)
  • Temperature: -5...95 °C (23...203°F)
  • Vertical movement: 0...80 mm
  • Scanning speed: 100 Hz
  • Ambient temperature: 0...40°C (32...104°F)