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ICI/M&S Pilling And Snagging Testers | RotaPill

A universal Pilling and Snagging Tester drive system with 2 or 4 positions to rapidly replicate pilling or...

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Easycore 2

IML Easycore

Simco-Ion’s patented IML charging technique is even more versatile with the IML Easycore 2 component resin for construction...

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Iml Spider

IML Spider

De IML Spider is een veelzijdige elektrode voor het direct opladen tijdens IML-toepassingen. Het bestaat uit een IML...

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The determination of residue (ash content) on ignition at 900 °C is worldwide used to determine the...

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Inclined Impact testers

Lansmont Inclined Impact Testers are ideal for testing your packaged-product’s ability to withstand the types of impacts that...

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Incubators with forced air circulation and cooling - Friocell

The principle of operation is based on a fine forced air circulation combined with a patented powerful cooling...

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Incubators with forced air circulation, cooling and controlled humidity - Climacell

The principle of operation is based on a fine forced air circulation combined with a patented powerful cooling...

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Co2 Cell

Incubators with natural air circulation and CO2 atmosphere - Co2 incubators

The principle of operation is based on a fine gravity convection of operating gas in an electrically heated...

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Incubators with natural or forced convection

Suitable for safe treatment of microbiological cultures. The INCUCELL line produces no noise and provides a very soft...

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Infrared thermometer

Infrared radiation emitted from an object depends on its temperature. The infrared thermometer employs this technology to measure...

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Infrarood vochtmeetsysteem

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180105 01

Ink Rub Tester - Sutherland® methode

To determine the ink abrasion resistance and dirtiness characteristics on different supports (paper, cardboard, ceramic, etc.) The test...

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Inkometer - Ink Tack Tester

The Inkometer 1100 measures the apparent tack of printing ink under conditions closely approximating the dynamic conditions of...

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Integra flex with screen removebg preview

Integra Flex leak testing

Developed for the OEM, Industrial Integration and Automated Leak Detection Systems market. TME’s Integra Flex instruments offer you...

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Interlace Tester ITEMAT+

To measure the number and stability of interlaces on POY, FDY and DTY Textechno developed the new Interlace...

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Ibt 10 A

Internal bond tester - Ply bond tester

The internal bond tester or ply bond tester uses the dynamic measuring principle to determine the internal bond...

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Ion Clean B

Ionclean B cleaning box

The cleaning box "IONClean B" is equipped with 2 ionizing bars, type MEB. These ionizing bars are neutralizing...

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Ionclean Hr 2

IonClean HR

In practice, it features a holistic and comprehensive vacuum aspiration of the enclosed space. Depending on the application...

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Ion Clean Hu

IonClean HU

The cleaning hood "IONClean HU" is equipped with 2 ionizing bars, type SS 1/2" or MAXION. It is...

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Hu Xs L

IonClean HU XS

The compact design of the IONCLEAN HU XS L (only 75 mm deep) and its various working widths...

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IonClean RB 080

The process relies on a brush rotating against the travel direction of the product to be cleaned and...

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Csm Steinfurth Interaktiv Programmierbarer Druckregler Version IM 9429bc842d

IPPS: Interactive programmable pressure sequencer

Package testing often requires defined pressure sequences. The IPPS can be programmed with up to 99 different pressure...

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