Testing equipment for paper testing

Testing equipment for paper

Bekk Smoothness Tester 2

Bekk smoothness tester for paper & board

The Bekk Smoothness Tester is microprocessor-controlled instrument for measuring the smoothness of paper and board according to the...

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Ibt 10 A

Internal bond tester - Ply bond tester

The internal bond tester or ply bond tester uses the dynamic measuring principle to determine the internal bond...

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Bendsten 2

Bendtsen Roughness and Air Permeability Tester

The Bendtsen Roughness and Air Permeability tester determines the air permeability and surface roughness according to Bendtsen method...

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Twin folding tester - Schopper principle

Determines the folding resistance of paper acc. to the Schopper principle. The device measures the number of folds...

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Short span compression tester (SCT Test)

The Short Span Compression tester (SCT Test) is used for paper or board stripes with 15 mm width...

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Burst tester for paper & board - Bursting Strength Tester (Mullen method)

For measuring the bursting strength of paper according to the MULLEN method. This Mullen tester is delivered with...

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Horizontal tensile machine

For determination of tensile resistance in dry or wet state.

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180105 01

Ink Rub Tester - Sutherland® methode

To determine the ink abrasion resistance and dirtiness characteristics on different supports (paper, cardboard, ceramic, etc.) The test...

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Rapid-Köthen Semi-Automatic sheet forming machine

For the production of standardized paper sheets in the laboratory (ø 200 mm)

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Bending Resistance Tester

For the determination of bending resistance and stiffness of paper and paperboard according to ISO 2493, TAPPI T556...

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For disintegration of pulp suspensions acc. to different standards. Lightweight pot made from acrylic glass or heavy stainless...

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Testing equipment for cardboard

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