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C631 H

C631H Thermal Shrinkage Tester

C631H Thermal Shrinkage Tester is designed and developed in accordance with ISO 14616 and GB/T 34848, for determination...

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Can Integrity Tester

Can integrity tester - Can leak tester

Semi-automated leak testing of metal and non-porous-cardboard Cans. This can leak testers tests Cans for leaks using a...

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Canal 100-O2 analyser | Canal 120 II - O2/CO2 analyser| Gas analysis: Stand alone devices

Canal 100-O2 analyser This tabletop model allows the measurement of O2 concentrations. The easy handling and the highly...

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Canal 111-02 | Canal 121-O2/CO2 | Gasanalysis

Canal 111-O2 analyser This device is portable, works on batteries and has a pump which makes it possible...

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Canal 120 II-O2/CO2 analyser

This table top model can measure the O2 and CO2-consentrations in a modified atmosphere. The O2-sensor has a...

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Canal121 02

Canal 121-O2/CO2 analyser

This portable device works on rechargeable batteries and is used to measure the O2 and CO2 concentrations. The...

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Capacitive Evenness Tester for filament yarns COVAFIL+

COVAFIL+ with its new capacitive sensor design and a high-speed yarn twister fulfills all requirements of an effective...

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Gs3Micro Med

Carbon dioxide and oxygen headspace gas analyzer Gaspace Advance Micro

Fast, accurate MAP analyser for testing low volumes of O2 and CO2 in gas flushed food and pharmaceutical...

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Cmme Back 1

ChargeMaster Micro Easy (CMME)

The CMME is a small profile footprint charging generator specially designed for IML applications. The unit has fully...

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Charging generator CM Lite

A compact high voltage supply with an adjustable output voltage of 0 - 20 kV (with a maximum...

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Check Bottle

The Check Bottle TS 94.5 is used for monitoring the accuracy of the measuring heads of the CO...

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Ci3000+ Weather-Ometer/ Fade-Ometer

The Ci3000+ Weather-Ometer and Fade-Ometer with their advanced digital control systems, represent monumental achievements in applying digital and...

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Ci4400 Weather-Ometer

The new Atlas Ci4400 Weather-Ometer® is the most advanced instrument yet providing easy and effortless operation, unmatched uniformity...

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Ci5000 Weather-Ometer

The Ci5000, with its advanced digital control system, represents a monumental achievement in applying digital and optical technologies...

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Circular knitting machine for laboratories

Due to its high precision, the circular knitting machine is suitable for laboratories. The knit allows a visual...

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4 d 0 d 4d0d797cdbe53ebfc1bf2c3e5f756169ea67b660 sample cutter

Circular sample cutter

This Circular Sample Cutter, also know as round sample cutter, quickly prepares samples used for determining basis weight...

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Strip Punch Cutter

Circular sample punch cutter

The Grammage Cutter has been designed to cut 100 cm² circular paper samples to assess grammage. Grammage in...

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Clamping Test System

Clamping Compression Tester - Clamp Tester

Severe horizontal compressive forces occur when packaged-products are mechanically handled at different points within the supply chain. Packages...

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Cleanflex Easy Final Vert WT

Cleanflex Easy ionising air gun - 24V ionisation gun

The Cleanflex Easy ionising air gun can be used for cleaning and neutralising surfaces. It’s unique features, not...

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Ion Clean Hl

Cleaning hood IONClean HL

The cleaning hood IONClean HL is equipped with 2 ionizing bars, type SS 1/2". They neutralize the static...

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Clean Ion Dd 2

CleanIon DD

The CleanION DD webcleaner is fitted with two MEB anti-static bars to neutralize static electricity before and after...

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Clean Ion Vac

CleanIon VAC 11

An industrial dustcollector equipped with a 3-phasemotor for dust evacuation. A hose for the web cleaning system is...

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Cm Tiny Achter 1

CM Tiny chargin generator

The CM Tiny is the smallest industrial charging generator for static bonding applications. The unit has fully integrated...

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Cm Tiny Voor

CM Tiny IQ

The CM Tiny is the smallest industrial charging generator for static bonding applications. The unit has fully integrated...

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CM5-30/60 charging generator

CM5 is fully backwards compatible with ECM30/60 and ECM DI30/60.For basic users a quick set-up menu is provided...

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De CM5 is volledig “backwards compatible” met de ECM30/60 en de ECM Di30/60. Het apparaat wordt elektronisch bestuurd...

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Cmme Back

CMM IQ Easy charging generator

The CMME is a small profile footprint charging generator specially designed for IML applications. The unit has fully...

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Co2 Tank Keg

CO2 Tank and KEG tester

Checking of the CO2 content at different process steps is essential to verify the quality of the final...

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CO2 test - Measuring the pressure in beverages

CO2 tester: Half-automatic pressure measurement

Half-automatic pressure measurement Both, taste and shelf life of the product are affected by the amount of CO...

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Cobb tester for water absorption

Cobb tester - Water absorption tester

The cobb tester is a simple instrument which measures the water absorptiveness of paper, cardboard and corrugated...

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Cobra ionizing air gun

The Cobra ionizing air gun is excellently suited for heavy-duty industrial applications. It has a lightweight durable gun...

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Colour assessment cabinet - Light cabinet

The colour light cabinet or colour matching cabinets create the perfect alternative to natural daylight. With the...

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Compact Package Analyser (CPA)

CO2 concentration, opening torque and fill level are quality parameters that significantly affect the product quality noticed by...

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Compressie 122

Compression tester model 122 and 152

Lansmont’s Model 152 Compression Test System is specifically designed to efficiently and accurately evaluate the performance of...

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Conical Mandrel Tester

Conical mandrel bend tester

Conical mandrel tester is used in the determination of elasticity, adhesion and elongation of paint on sheet metal...

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Past Control1

Control of pasteurization - Past Control

For producers of pasteurized beverages, pasteurization monitoring is essential.The Steinfurth Past Control system simplifies this task. The safe...

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Control Module Thunder Ion

Controle module ThunderIon

The ThunderION Control Module provides the power and the control for up to four ThunderION anti-static bars. With...

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Conveyostat in-line ionisers

The tube diameter is adjusted to the existing tube system. And so is the number of integrated anti-static...

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Large Ascott Corro Flex Corrosion Chamber 768X543

CorroFlex Flexible Corrosion Test Chambers

A front loading system for testing large/heavy objects. In addition to the wide range of corrosion test chambers...

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Corrosalt 2

Corrosalt - Salt for salt spray test

Highest purity salt for serious testingFor all salt spray testing including the stringent ASTM B117Available in 25 kg...

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320 A

Crimp tester

To calculate the crimp in yarn affected by knitting or weaving, to determine actual yarn usage. Threads are...

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Crock Meter

Crockmeter/Rubbing Fastness Tester

The crockmeter determines the colour fastness of textile against dry or wet rubbing. After the test, the standard...

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Cross Cut tester Rycobel

Cross-Cut tester

Adhesion Tester appropriated to measure the adhesion of coatings or paints. The cross cut test uses a blade...

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Crush tester

Crush Tester of Corrugated Board and Paper Samples, for the determination of pressure resistance of board. Sample compressometer...

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Sct Accessories

Crush tester - accessories

For measuring different purposes with the crush tester sample holder for various crush test.

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Crystaltherm Moisture balance

Capacity 200 g Readability 1mg Repeatability +/- 1 mg Accuracy +/- 0,01% with minimum weight of 10g Pan...

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Cup Carbonation

Cup Carbonation Tester

The Cup Carbonation Tester (CCT) combines very easy operation with the new, highly accurate and compact CO2 manometer...

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Cyclic Corrosion Chamber (CCT) - Cyclic Corrosion Testing

Ascott™ cyclic corrosion test chambers - one of the world’s most sophisticated and versatile corrosion test systems available...

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Cylindrical mandrel

Cylindrical mandrel bend tester

This cylindrical mandrel bend tester consists of a robust frame which has a bending lever, with height adjustable...

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