Automotive & Aerospace

For drying metal or plastics parts after rinsing or even removing coolant emulsion and swarf during a machining process. Our systems are employed on individual components through to assembled vehicles.

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Diverse Benefits for the Automotive and Aerospace Industry

Air Knife Systems provide a wide diversity of benefits for manufacturing processes throughout the Automotive and Aerospace industry sectors. A powerful tool with an extensive range of industrial applications.

  • Delivers clean, dry, oil-free air
  • Speed, efficiency and reliable performance
  • No water spots or related problems
  • Moisture and corrosion prevention
  • Adaptable to various line speeds or conveyor type
  • Hardened and durable stainless steel air knives & nozzle manifolds.
  • Space-efficient, easy to install, low maintenance


  • Full car and truck body drying
  • Pre-treatment for paint finishing
  • Engine components (i.e. process drying of Camshafts, Engine Blocks, Clutch Plates)
  • Automotive trim (i.e. removal of static from Plastic Bumpers, Fascia, Wheels, Windscreens & Mirrors)
  • Rubber and plastic extrusions (i.e. drying of rubber tire extrusion, plastic trim)