CanDryer System

The Paxton CanDryer provides complete drying of 8 oz and 24 oz cans to improve quality of coding, labeling and vision system results. It is easily adjustable to allow for varying can heights.

The CanDryer system replaces conventional air knives and nozzles with an all-in-one manifold to improve drying while enhancing usability and production floor safety.

Can Dryer 2

CanDryer Features:

  • Thoroughly dries the tops and sides of 8 oz - 24 oz cans
  • Eliminates variability due to air knife positioning
  • Improve safety by restricting water spray
  • Easily adjustable for varying can heights
  • Smaller footprint than conventional air knife drying systems
  • Incorporates two air knives and six nozzles into a single manifold

Mounting Arm Features:

  • Integral crank for effortless product change over
  • Horizontal (130 mm) and vertical (250 mm) adjustment
  • Locks in place after adjustment
  • Stainless steel construction

Can Blow Off Attachment Features:

  • Horizontal (25 mm) and vertical (230 mm) adjustment
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Thrust can be increased for heavier product