Pharma, medical and nutra

Medical devices, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals must meet high standards for production and packaging. Paxton Air Systems offer blow off, drying, conveying, air rinsing and static elimination for sensitive applications, both before and after filling or packaging, or during processing.

Application Pharma Sub

Paxton Products used in Medical, Pharma and Nutra:

  • Paxton AT and XT-blowers, fitted with inlet and outlet filtration provides high power, ultra-clean air
    • Nano: 99.97% at 0.5 micron
    • HEPA: 99.79% at 0.3 micron
  • Washdown enclosures to house the blower ensure GMP requirements are met, protect the blower from harsh cleaning chemicals, and reduce noise.
  • Stainless steel air knives and nozzle manifolds deliver air from the blower to the target, and are suitable for washdown areas.
  • The Ionized Air System delivers ionized nano- or HEPA-quality air to eliminate static and remove particulates from surfaces prior to filling or packaging.


  • Prior to ink jet coding
  • Capsule production
  • After wash or rinse
  • IV bags
  • Distribute coating
  • Caplet production
  • Convey & sort
  • Blister packaging
  • Durable medical devices
  • Prevent bacteria
  • Liquid formulation production
  • Blow off cleaning
  • Packaging
  • Prior to labeling
  • Solution pouches
  • Prior to packaging or overpack
  • Single use medical devices
  • Dry under the cap or lid