Steinfurth Automatic Burst tester for PET bottles

The Steinfurth PC-Line: BR-7000 Burst Tester is especially designed for internal pressure re-sistance tests on PET-bottles.

The system offers three testing Modes:
  • Burst test mode
  • Incremental pressure increase mode
  • Volume expansion analysis mode

Application: Beverages, Bottle Pressure

Property: Burst resistance

Via double action cylinder the sample is filled with water and charged with the programmed test pressure.

During the test, an inductive sensor secures the closing of the test chamber door.

Additional security valves prevent extreme pres-sure peaks. Water used for the testing process is collected in the integrated storage tank with a capacity of 15 liters.
The integrated touch screen, as well as mechan-ical Start- and Stop buttons enable intuitive, user independent function in lab or at production line. The robust construction and newest generation of servo valves assure precise adjustment and test results by low maintenance requirements.

  • Safe test chamber with thick stainless steel walls
  • Newest generation of servo valves
  • Flexible programmable, precise adjustments
  • User independent, automatic functionality
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Safety valves against extreme pressure peaks
  • Safety door protection with inductive sensor
  • Usable in the lab or at the production line
  • Easy, intuitive operation via touch screen
  • Integrated connection for optional water recircula-tion system