Rubber & Plastics

Extrusion lines are common place in these industries where products pass through water baths in order to cool them. Our solutions are widely used to remove water droplets following liquid cooling and prior to further processing.

Application Plastics Sub

Diverse Benefits for the Rubber and Plastics Industry

Air Knife Systems provide a wide diversity of benefits for industrial processes and component manufacturing within the Rubber and Plastics industry sector. A powerful tool with an extensive range of industrial applications.

  • Delivers clean, dry, oil-free air
  • Speed, efficiency and reliable performance
  • No water spots or related problems
  • Moisture and corrosion prevention
  • Adaptable to various line speeds or conveyor type
  • Hardened and durable stainless steel air knives & nozzle manifolds.
  • Space-efficient, easy to install, low maintenance

Proven Cost Effective

  • A Paxton Air Knife will generate cost savings, speed up operations and/or provide other improvements in the manufacturing process. In many cases, assembly and conveyor line speeds have been increased by as much as 50% due to the efficiency of a Paxton Air Knife.
  • Investment paybacks are often achieved in just a few months, sometimes in a matter of weeks, providing a superior return-on-investment


  • Tires
  • Water blow off
  • Vinyl siding
  • After wash or rinse
  • Coated wire
  • After coating
  • PVC Piping
  • Blow off oils & sealants
  • Plastic sheets
  • Blow off dust & debris
  • Metal rods
  • Blow off chemicals
  • Films
  • Pre-packaging