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Radian Rub

Radian rub tester

The radian rub tester determines the abrasion resistance of printed surfaces. It will also asses the comparative transfer...

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Rapid Sample Condioner

Rapid Sample Conditioner

For conditioning textiles to consistent temperature and humidity for accurate color measurements.

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0708xx rapid kothen circular 4 aangepast

Rapid-Köthen Semi-Automatic sheet forming machine

Equipment for the production of standardised paper sheets in the laboratory. Paper sheets are used to know the...

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Whiteness describes the appearance of a white coating. As there does not exist absolute white, there will...

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Light-weight hand-held refractometers to measure the Brix or refractive index value of products. By merely putting a drop...

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Resistivity kit

Suitable for measuring resistivity to ground and surface resisitivity.

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Rolling Ball

Rolling Ball Tack Tester

Fast and economical, the Rolling Ball Tack tester provides an easy method of testing the tack of an...

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Room Temperature 10 Bank Shear

Precise room temperature shear tests are made easier with the ChemInstruments Room Temperature 10 Bank Shear Tester. It...

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Rotary Nozzle RD1004

The RD1004 plasma rotary nozzle is used to generate cold plasma. This plasma nozzle is especially suited for...

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Rotawash color fastness tester

Color fastness to washing is easy and affordable with the Rotawash. Available in an 8 or 12 washpot...

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Rotech Inspection Keg - Monitoring tool

It is an essential tool for every brewery with keg filling line, large or small. Send it through...

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Rotor Spray

The liquid agents are metered through a pipe into the centre of the rapidly rotating rotor plates. The...

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Concora medium fluter Rycolab

Rycolab Concora medium fluter

For the preparation of corrugated samples for CMT and CCT tests.

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Falling Dart Tester Rl Fdt A

Rycolab Falling dart impact tester | RL-FDT-A

Falling dart impact tester can test the resistance performance of plastic films, sheets, and composite films, foils, paper...

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Hot Tack Tester Horizontal Rl Htt A

Rycolab Horizontal Hot tack tester | RL-HTT-A

The Rycolab Hot Tack Tester measures the strength of heat seals formed between thermoplastic surfaces immediately after the...

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Laboratory Pulper Rl Pp C

Rycolab Laboratory pulper RL-PP-C

The units consists of a pulping container with a rotor at the bottom driven by a v-belt in...

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Rycolab Leak & Seal tester - Bubble Emission Method

Rycolab Leak & Seal tester - Bubble Emission Method

The RYCOLAB Leak Tester (RL-LT-A) is used for the airproof checking of packages, containers, bags, pipes that are...

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RYCOLAB software

"RYCOLAB software" is a software for the control of all your laboratory measurements.

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Hot Tack Tester Vertical Rl Htt B

Rycolab Vertical Hot tack tester | RL-HTT-B

The Rycolab Hot Tack Tester measures the strength of heat seals formed between thermoplastic surfaces immediately after the...

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