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EJA Vantage Series Tensile Testers

The Vantage Tensile Tester offers many fixtures for tensile testing, COF and other tests for the plastic film...

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Electrical circular sample cutter

For preparing 100 cm² circular samples on paper, cardboard, textile and other materials. For grammage or other properties...

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Electronic Crockmeter

Electronic Crockmeter Rubbing Fastness Tester

Determines the colorfastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing. Motorized for frequent use and long run tests...

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Super Alcomat

Electronic hydrostatic balance - Super Alcomat

Fully automatic instrument to determine Alcoholic Strength by Volume(ASV), total dry extract and musts evaluation. The ASV...

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Dt Series

Electronic tensionmeter

DT-serie 9 tension ranges: from 0,1-200 cN; up to 5 -50 daN For versatile use in different sectors...

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Electronic twist meter

The electronic twist meter is suitable to test twist on single, multiple, and open end yarn measure. Due...

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161 M

Electronic wrap wheel

This wrap wheel is used to preset a length of yarn to wind. In this way one...

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FMX 004

Electrostatic field meter FMX 004

This electrostatic field meter is a convenient, compact and pocketsized electrostatic fieldmeter. With this fieldmeter you can measure...

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Protear touch tear strength tester

Elmendorf tearing tester

The ProTear tear strength testers provide a rapid and precise way to evaluate the tear resistance of sheet...

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Ep Sh N Zoom

EP-SH-N anti-static bar

Each individual emitter pin of this anti-static bar is coupled capacitively to the high voltage. You will therefore...

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Extension Iq Easy 2

Extension IQ Easy

The IQ Easy platform with at least one Manager IQ Easy can be extended with the Extension IQ...

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EZ Lab software

The software is a very simple and intuitive way to get more out of your testing equipment. EZ-Lab...

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Vapometer 3000

EZ-Cup Vapometer Permeability Cup

The EZ-Cup Vapometer is used to measure water vapor permeability (WVTR). The Vapometer consists of a lightweight aluminum...

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Ez sae web

EZ-Cup Vapometer Permeability Cup for SAE J2665

EZ-Cup Vapometer package to meet the industry standard SAE J2665 Test Procedure to Measure the Fuel Permeability of...

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