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Calibration and repair

I Stock 000023062032 Medium

Our technical service departement provides calibration and maintenance of your equipment in our calibration laboratory or at your location. The work is performed according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certification.

Service and Warranty Repair Request Form

Please complete this form for any equipment to be returned for calibration or repair. 

We help you with your IQ, OQ and PQ

  • Iq

    • Equipment or process meets specifications
    • Correct installation of the system
    • Required components & documentation is in place and installed correctly
  • Oq

    • Only after IQ
    • All facets of the process/equipment are operating correctly
    • Calibration verification
  • Pq

    • Process/Equipment performs as intended
    • Consistent manner over time
    • Sometimes in conjunction with OQ (Validation Plan needed)

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