Paxton Enclosures

Centrifugal blower enclosures

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Blower enclosures protect the blower from water, dirt and other environmental factors, and during wash down processes; while reducing noise level significantly. Blower installation is simplified, and maintenance facilitated by easy access doors on two sides.

  • Protects in harsh, corrosive and wet environments
  • Significant sound abatement
  • Simplifies blower installation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Maintains lower blower temperature for optimum performance

Enclosures for air delivery systems

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Enclosures, made of 304 stainless steel, provide water, air and sound containment in your drying process. These enclosures keep the water contained inside the enclosure, then drained, eliminating mess on your factory floor – and eliminating any safety issues due to wet, slippery floors. Enclosures are custom designed for each application, ensuring maximum effectiveness. The unit is fitted to the individual line needs, and can be configured for all types of conveyor systems.