Sweating Guarded hotplate

Often referred to as the “Skin Model”, the Sweating Guarded Hotplate (SGHP) measures thermal properties and water vapor resistance of fabrics and other materials under steady state conditions. The test simulates the heat and mass transfer process which occurs next to human skin. The SGHP is a complete unit that has the hotplate and controls integrated into a chamber that is maintained at precise temperature, humidity, and airflow conditions. Being a purpose built instrument from the chamber to the hotplate to the controls, there is no integration issues that can come with using hotplates and chambers from different manufacturers. The hotplate itself is another key feature of the SDL Atlas instrument. It is a sintered (porous) bronze plate that gives the best simulation of human skin versus other plates that have a distinct pattern of drilled holes.

  • Purpose built instrument ensures integration of all controls
  • Sintered bronze plate gives best simulation of human skin
  • Hot plate size 250 mm x 250 mm
  • Air flow maintained at 1 ±0.05 m/s at 15 mm above working platform
  • Individual temperature control of hotplate, side, and bottom guards
  • Samples up to 70 mm thick can be tested
  • Color touch screen controller
  • Laptop computer and analysis software included

Application: Textile, Fabrics

  • Dimensions
    1260 x 950 x 1800mm
  • Weight
    500 kg
  • Industrie