Surface pretreatment and micro cleaning

Surface pretreatment with high efficiency: plasma cleaning of plastic, metal, aluminum, and glass

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Openair® plasma treatment and plasma cleaning provide the optimal prerequisites for subsequent coating of plastic, metal, aluminum or glass.

Dry plasma cleaning with atmospheric plasma makes it possible to immediately continue processing the materials. The application guarantees a clean and cost-effective overall process. Because of the high energy level of the plasma, it can selectively break open the structure of chemical or organic substances on the surface of the material. Using ultrafine cleaning, undesirable substances can be completely removed from even sensitive surfaces. This results in the optimal prerequisites for later coating.

Safe, ultrafine cleaning of mold release agents, additives, softeners (plasticizers), and hydrocarbons

Micro-fine plasma cleaning removes even the smallest dust particles from plastics, which at first adhere firmly to the surface because of the additives. The plasma causes the particles to detach completely from the substrate. The reject rates valuable paintwork or coatings, such as in the automobile or mobile communication industries, are greatly reduced. By using the chemical-physical reaction in the nano range, high-quality, precisely defined surfaces are achieved.

Advantages of plasma cleaning with Openair® plasma:

  • 100% cleaning
  • No dilution effect (compare to aqueous cleaning)
  • No need for additional consumables (compare to CO2-beam cleaning)
  • Cleaning of the complete material structure surface topography, instead of just peaks (compare to sand blasting)
  • No additional space required – inline integration in the manufacturing line
  • Economical and ecologically efficient surface pretreatment