Testing equipment for adhesive testing

Rolling Ball

Rolling Ball Tack Tester

Fast and economical, the Rolling Ball Tack tester provides an easy method of testing the tack of an...

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Adhesion Release

Adhesion and Release testing machine

The most versatile peel tester on the market, the Adhesion/Release testing machine with digital display is designed to...

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High Speed Release

High Speed release

Production speed testing of PSA release liners is simple with the durable, easy-to-use High Speed Release Tester from...

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High Speed Unwind

High speed unwind

Accurately measure the unwind force of a roll of tape with the ChemInstruments High Speed Unwind Machine. The...

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Polyken Probe Tack

The Polyken™ Probe Tack makes it easy to measure the tack of pressure sensitive adhesives. A precision ground...

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Quickly and accurately measure the burst strength of die cut label stock with the Perforation testing machine. The...

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Room Temperature 10 Bank Shear

Precise room temperature shear tests are made easier with the ChemInstruments Room Temperature 10 Bank Shear Tester. It...

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Hot tack tester 5000

J&B Hot tack 5000 MB Tester

The Rycolab original J&B Hot Tack 5000 MB Tester is the improved version of the J&B Hot Tack...

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Hot Tack Tester Horizontal Rl Htt A

Rycolab Horizontal Hot tack tester | RL-HTT-A

The Rycolab Hot Tack Tester measures the strength of heat seals formed between thermoplastic surfaces immediately after the...

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Hot Tack Tester Vertical Rl Htt B

Rycolab Vertical Hot tack tester | RL-HTT-B

The Rycolab Hot Tack Tester measures the strength of heat seals formed between thermoplastic surfaces immediately after the...

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Fp2255 Cof

FP-2260 Friction/Peel tester - Coefficient of friction tester (COF)

Friction tester is a kind of testing equipment which is used to measure coefficient of friction (COF) for...

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Vantage NX Family

Vantage NX Universal testing machine | Tensile Tester

The VantageNX Universal Testing Machine is a powerful tool that can be equipped to meet a variety of...

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Loop Tack

Loop Tack Fixture

The loop tack test measures the tack (instant grip) of an adhesive. The capability to rapidly and reliably...

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Precision Heat Sealer AS/2 (12" / 24")

CeraTek Precision Heat Sealer on an open-back frame. This model includes external output ports (temperature, pressure and dwell...

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Ta14 P2

Pass Thru Heat Sealer: TA12-P/2

CeraTek TA12-P/2 Heat Sealer is a precision pass-thru heat sealer. The maximum pass-thru width and the maximum recommended...

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Ta4 Gl1

4-Zone Gradient Hot Bar Laboratory Heat Sealer: TA4-GL/1

CeraTek TA4-GL/1 Heat Sealer is a 4-Zone gradient hot bar laboratory heat sealer. This model features four temperature...

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Ta24 Asg1

Heat Sealer 8 temperature zones : TA24-ASG/1

24" CeraTek Heat Sealer Model features eight temperature zones along the length of the upper heated jaw (each...

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Hot Die Blister Heat Sealer: TA808/1

The CeraTek TA808/1 Hot Die Blister Heat Sealer features a digital timer and temperature controller with build-ups and...

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Hand rollers

We offer a wide range of hand rollers to complement your PSTC, TLMI, ASTM and FINAT adhesive preparation...

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