Technical balances EU-C LCD series

  • LCD display with small-size decimal digits, for easier and more immediate reading
  • Waterproof and acid resistant membrane keyboard. Easy to use with the ON/OFF, TARE, MODE and PRINT keys (RANGE/PRINT for DR model)
  • Indication of the reached stable weight
  • Bar-graph indicator of dosage and remaining capacity of the balance
  • Parameters configurable by menu: reading in g (grams), lb (pound), oz (ounce), ct (carats), pcs (pieces), % (percentage)

Property: Balances

  • Capacity
    From 820g to 10200 g
  • Accuracy
    From 0,1 g to 0,01 g
  • Diameter
    Pan from 150 X 150 mm to 190 mm
  • Dimensions
    210 x 355 x 95mm
  • Weight
    3 kg
  • LCD display
  • Available with PCS function
  • Automatic end of range calibration (with external mass supplied on request)
  • Memory of the current weight in case of power failure
  • Enhanced anti-shock system
  • Body made of die-casted alloy and ABS
  • Load cell nearly unbreakable and without transportation problems
  • Operating temperature: 10° C÷ 40° C
  • International power supply unit: 100 ÷ 240 VAC
  • USB or RS-232

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