Testpartner 4

Test Partner 4 (TP4) is Lansmont’s latest generation data acquisition system designed to capture and analyze dynamic events. The system incorporates a host controller for processing and analyzing data from 8-channel analog card(s) with built-in signal conditioning to support IEPE type sensors or perform event detection. Analog channels can be configured with sample rates up to 2.5MHz, providing versatility to acquire high frequency data associated with drop, shock, and impact applications or detecting events where discontinuities occur within electrical connections of devices subjected to dynamic input conditions. An additional external trigger can be configured to Trigger the system and an Ethernet interface allows the user to operate TP4 remotely over the network or connected locally to a computer.

Analog Event Detection provides capabilities to define test constraints of electrical interconnect designs and determine when those design constraints have been exceeded. TP4 enables setup of event detection conditions per analog channel by configuring minimum event duration and corresponding voltage levels to detect intermittent electrical faults, permanent faults and/or critical faults.

Database file management allows for viewing of entire test sessions in real-time while comprehensive test reporting allows users the ability to uniquely report on individual, or multiple testing sessions.

Property: Drop tests

  • Intuitive, powerful User Interface
  • Network Configurable
  • Database File Management
  • Automatic or manuaI analysis of Shock or Vibration events
  • Automatic or manual analysis of Events Detected
  • Configure analog channels for Acceleration or Voltage-based Event Detection
  • Preview Mode’-Verify channel(s) signal integrity prior to event trigger