Taber® Grit Feeder - Model 355

The Grit Feeder is a freestanding instrument used in conjunction with the Taber Abraser (Model 1700 or 1750). During testing, abrasive grit particles (e.g. aluminum oxide) are uniformly and continuously distributed onto the specimen surface at a specified rate. As the specimen holder rotates, the loose grit particles pass under two S-39 leather clad brass wheels. Used grit and wear debris are then removed by the Taber Abraser vacuum system. The operation of the Grit Feeder is controlled through the Taber Abraser, ensuring the specimen holder turntable, grit distribution and vacuum suction are actuated simultaneously

Property: Abrasion

  • Easy-fill funnel hopper provides grit storage capacity of 2.65 kg
  • Hopper assembly pivots allowing operator easy access to view or mount specimen
  • Redesigned base and support for increased stability
  • USB interface
  • Replaceable grit distributor nozzle
  • Curved front orifice vacuum nozzle rotates for specimen access
  • Right or left hand side set-up

The rolling action of the loose abrasive grit particles as they pass under the sliding rotation of the two leather clad brass wheels, contributes to the physical breakdown of the test specimen.

Referred to as three-body abrasion, this action replicates the twisting action between a shoe and floor that occurs when a person turns. The use of the loose grit serves the function of an abradant and also aids in the rolling action characteristic of normal walking.

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