Thickness gauges: Mechanical - Digital

Thickness Dial Gauges | Mechanical

Dial Thickness Gauges are used for measuring the thickness of a very wide range of materials such as leather, paperboard, paper, felt, rubber, glass, sheet, metal, films, plywood and plastics. The shape of the feelers should be adapted to the material being measured.

These analog devices allow the user to perform a quick and reliable test with a accuracy of 1 µm. Different models are available. Range, accuracy and depth vary. The application will determine the model.

Thickness Dial Gauges | Digital

The large display has a good visual perception for easy reading of the measuring result. The use of aluminium for the body of the instruments makes them light and easy to handle.

The Digital Thickness Gauges are switchable from metric reading to inch reading. These digital devices are used to determine the thickness of leather, textiles, cardboard, felt, rubber, sheet metal, foil, plywood, plastic, etc.

Application: Paper & Pulp, Textile, Cardboard

Property: Thickness

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