Taber Rotary Abraser 5135 & 5155

The Taber Abraser (Abrader) is a dependable tool for conducting accelerated Taber abrasion resistance and wear tests on flat specimens using the acclaimed Taber method. Samples are mounted on a rotating turntable and subjected to the wearing action of two abrasive wheels at a specific pressure.

Two models available:

  • Model 5135 - Single Platform Abraser
  • Model 5155 - Dual Platform Abraser

Application: Paper & Pulp, Cardboard

Property: Scratch testing

Since its inception, the Taber abraser has gained popularity in quality and process control, research and development, and Taber material evaluation. Suitable for a wide array of materials, the Taber testing equipment has been referenced in numerous Taber test standards and specifications, such as plastics, coatings, laminates, leather, paper, ceramics, carpeting, safety glazing, and more.

With specimens mounted to a rotating turntable, the Taber testing methods expose them to the rub-wear action of two abrasive wheels. Driven by the test sample, the wheels generate abrasion marks that form a pattern of crossed arcs over a circular ring of approximately 30 square centimeters. This technique unveils the Taber abrasion resistance at all angles relative to the material's weave or grain, ensuring comprehensive and accurate results.

  • Dimensions
    28 x 40,5 x 25,5cm
    51 x 35,5 x 25,5cm
  • Weight
    20,5 - 41Kg
  • Judgement
    Visual or weighing
  • Possible to test 1 or 2 samples (single or dual head)

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