Taber Rotary Abraser 5135 & 5155

The Taber Abraser (Abrader) is used to conduct accelerated abrasion and wear resistance tests on flat specimens. Samples are mounted on a rotating turntable, and subjected to the wearing action of two abrasive wheels applied at a specific pressure.

Since its inception, the abraser has been used for quality & process control, research & development and material evaluation. Used to test a wide spectrum of materials, the instrument has been referenced in numerous standards and specifications (including plastics, coatings, laminates, leather, paper, ceramics, carpeting, safety glazing, etc.).

Mounted to a rotating turntable, specimens are subjected to the rub-wear action of two abrasive wheels. Driven by the test sample, the wheels produce abrasion marks that form a pattern of crossed arcs over a circular ring approximately 30 square centimeters. This reveals abrasion resistance at all angles relative to the weave or grain of the material.

Two models available:

  • Model 5135 - Single Platform Abraser
  • Model 5155 - Dual Platform Abraser

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