Performax Easy EX

Compact high efficient static neutralising for explosion hazardous environments .

The Performax Easy Ex has an integrated high voltage power supply and requires only a low voltage input of 24V DC. A two color high bright LED visualises bar ON (green) or bar FAULT (red). On the standard connection cable an additional wires for remote on/off contact is available and a signal indicating high voltage O.K. The Performax Easy Ex bar has light slanted ends and protection classification IP66 which allows easy cleaning. The aluminum profile offers a very rugged structure even up to 3 meters. Universal mounting brackets are supplied for various mounting options.

Performax Easy Ex anti-static bars are available in two variations:

  1. Standard, for all applications with a working distance between 100 and 300 mm
  2. Speed, for high speed applications and for a working distance beween 50 and 300 mm
  • Incorporated high voltage power supply, input voltage 24V DC
  • Standard 10 or 20 m cable
  • Rugged Aluminum profile
  • Designed for industrial use and easy cleaning; (protection classification IP66)
  • Universal mounting brackets
  • Working distance
    • Performax Easy Ex: 100-300 mm
    • Performax Easy Ex speed: 50 - 300 mm
  • Housing material: Aluminium/PA6/PUR
  • Emitter pins: Special alloy
  • Cable: Low voltage cable
  • Weight: 2,2 kg/m
  • Ambient temperature: 0 - 40 °C
  • Use circumstances: Industrial
  • U Primary: 24 V DC, <0,5 A
  • Protection classification: IP66
  • Suitable power unit: Integrated, 24V DC voltage input
  • Indication: High bright LED green/red
  • Signalling:
    • Green continuous In operating
    • Green flashing standbye
    • Red continuous Overload
    • Red flashing HV OK overload
  • I/O Signals
    • Remote on/off; 10-30 V DC
    • High Voltage OK; Supply voltage - 1V. Max. 50 mA
  • Options
    • Desktop power supply (100-240 V / 24 V)
    • Din rail power supply (100-240 V / 24 V)
  • Approval:
    • Atex II 2 GD
    • EX mb IIB T4 Gb
    • EX mb IIIB T135 °C Db