Pocket hardness test Kit

The Hardness Test is a pocket instrument for testing the hardness and wear/scratch resistance of materials such as coatings, lacquers, plastics or related products.

A tungsten carbide tip is drawn over the surface with a defined constant pressure. The pressure on the tip can be changed using the slide or by changing the spring. A visual mark on the surface after use of the Hardness Test indicates a fail of the surface hardness or wear/scratch resistance. Can be used on flat and curved surfaces.

The Instruments is supplied with 3 springs:
1. 0-3N, graduation 10 g
2. 0-10N, graduation 50 g
3. 0-30N, graduation 150 g

The laser-engraved scale is clearly visible on the grey background. The diameter of the tip is Ø1 mm. Tips of Ø 0.75 mm (Bosch) and Ø 0.5 mm (van Laar) are available as an option.

Practical, simple and very manageable. The equipment consists of an indenter that ends

in the form of a hemisphere on which pressure is exerted, adjustable by means of springs

with the following scales:

  • Blue marked 0 to 300 N With division of 10 grams force
  • Red marked 0 to 1000 N With division of 50 grams force
  • Yellow marked 0 to 2000 N With division of 100 grams force

The diameter of the hemisphere may be:

  • 0,5 mm diameter, according to Opel standard
  • 0,75 mm diameter, according to Bosch standard
  • 1 mm de diameter, according to Volkswagen standard

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