The Perfomaster provides the hardware and software to generate a controlled spark over, detect this and evaluate the spark over to produce a pulse signal. The pulse signal is available on the output connector and can be used for counting the detected spark-overs and thus perforations.

The miniaturised design of the Perfomaster contains the electrode as well as the high voltage source. It is powered by 24 V DC, so no high voltage cable is required. Electrodes are standard fitted with three special alloy emitter pins and are detachable for replacement or remote placement.

A status signal LED provides direct system information on the Perfomaster.

  • A green LED signals operation OK.
  • An intermittent red LED signals a perforation detected.

Supply voltage and output voltage setting to the Perfomaster can be provided in two ways:
1) directly form the machine f.e. PLC
2) with additional external control kit

  • Check perforations
  • Compact
  • Count perforations
  • Determine material position
  • Housing: ABS/PTFE
  • Cable: low voltage cable, standard M12 connector
  • Input power: 24 V DC, <0,5 A
  • Emitter pins: special alloy
  • Max detection frequency: 25 Hz
  • Signal
    • Multicolour LED: -Green, signal ''operation OK''
    • -Red, signal perforation detected
  • Signal output: Optocoupler
  • Control voltage: 0-10 V of 0-24 V
  • Ambient temperature: 0 - 55°C
  • Use circumstances: industrial
  • Protection classification: IP 54