Natural weathering

Outdoor Sites

Often the best natural test scenario requires testing in a variety of climates. For that reason, Atlas offers the world’s largest network of outdoor weathering test facilities with more than 23 sites worldwide.

The increased demand for getting decision-making data as fast as possible makes more and more companies turn to accelerated weathering. But no accelerated weathering program can be complete without the confirmation from and correlation to natural weathering. Natural weathering provides the data you need to ensure that your product is covered against costly liability issues.

Equatorial Mount with Mirrors for Acceleration (-aqua: with water spray)


Economical, proven and continuously improved for even greater accuracy, EMMAQUA is the most widely used outdoor accelerated weathering test method in the world today.

EMMAQUA is unique in that it concentrates natural sunlight via 10 highly reflective, specially coated mirrors onto the specimen target area with an intensity of approximately eight suns. The device tracks the sun and exposes specimens to the full spectrum of sunlight, making it one of the most realistic accelerated tests available. And because EMMAQUA provides an excellent spectral match to sunlight, it correlates well to subtropical conditions, such as Southern Florida, as well as an arid desert environment, such as Arizona.