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The package integrity tester tests flexible packages for leaks, and gives go/no-go answers independent of the operator. It can find holes as small as 10 microns in diameter. It’s used to test Biscuits, snack foods, salad, MAP packs, Milk-powder, medical bandages, pharmaceuticals, and the list goes on… It doesn’t stress the package contents. A unique flexible test chamber ensures good packages are left in original condition after testing and put straight back onto the production line. Which decreases the return-on-investment time. It requires packages with a “head-space” of air (or MAP gases) and generally dry contents. Its testing chamber is designed to fit most package sizes found in the supermarket. Items are placed manually, and the handle is closed to initiate a fully automatic test sequence. Results are displayed with Pass or Fail lamps, along with a quantitative measure of the leakage rate.


Product details

An adapted version of the instrument is available to measure containers. The Package Integrity Tester (P.I.T.) is easy to operate and gives a pass or fail result, making it ideal for Quality Control on the production fl oor or in the laboratory.

  • Test results
    After 5 to 15 seconds
  • Construction
    Stainless steel construction
  • Advantages
    • Simple operation
    • Non-destructive test
    • No special sample preparation is needed
    • Only compressed air and electricity should be connected
    • Suitable for lab and filling line

The following video gives you an overview of the instrument and its different applications:

Here you can watch the video with the correct manner to replace the bag inside the instrument:


  • Industry
    Food and packaging industry

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