PDT Droptest 300

The Lansmont Model PDT 300 was designed to accommodate large products and packages such as returnable bulk containers, crated products, or palletized products weighing up to 300 Kg.The PDT 300 utilizes a welded steel dropping carriage, guided by precision ground quad-track bearing assemblies on a structural steel guide beam.The drop platform is raised and lowered by an electric hoist and released via an air actuator. During the drop test stage, the drop platform is accelerated downward, thereby allowing the test item to free fall while the drop platform descends into slots below the impact surface. Rebound of the drop platform is prevented by a hydraulic damper and by noise absorbing elastomer strips at the bottom of the slots.

Property: Drop tests

  • Dimensions
    • Height: 290cm
    • Base width: 163 cm
    • Base length: 152 cm
  • Power supply
    • 110 V AC - 1 phase - 60hz
    • 220 V AC - 1 phase - 50hz

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