Plasmatreat Nozzle RD1010

The Openair® plasma system RD1010 is especially suited for sensitive and geometrically flat surfaces. The plasma treatment is carried out by two single nozzles, which are moved in a circle around a common axis of rotation. The plasma streams exiting from the rotation units run parallel to the axis of rotation.

Due to the rotation, plasma treatment is achieved with high relative speed across the component or the film. This results in very even treatment with low thermal impact and a large process window. Depending on the speed of rotation and the treatment diameter, the RD1010 plasma nozzle can achieve treatment travel speeds of up to 50 m/min.

  • Blow-molded plastic packages prior to wet labeling
  • PCB cleaning: prior to printing with resistor paste (130 mm treatment width)
  • One-sided film treatment assured (> 72 mN/m).
  • Glass or mirror surfaces: full-surface cleaning prior to bonding
  • Plastic panels: pretreatment prior to coating and gluing

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