Can integrity tester - Can leak tester

Semi-automated leak testing of metal and non-porous-cardboard Cans.

This can leak testers tests Cans for leaks using a vacuum-decay method, and gives go/no-go answers independent of the operator. It can find holes as small as 15 microns in diameter. It can test Cylindrical Cans made from Tin, Cardboard, or Composite materials (a combination of paper, plastic and metal). It minimizes stress to the Can and maximizes sensitivity by using a close-fitting chamber. This ensures packages are left in original condition after testing and can be put straight back onto the production line, in-turn decreasing return-on-investment time. It requires packages with a “head-space” of air (or gas) and generally dry contents. Items are placed manually, and the Lid is slid-closed to initiate a fully automatic test sequence. Results are displayed with Pass or Fail lamps, along with a quantitative measure of the leakage rate.

Property: Leak detection

  • Tests any combination of Can shapes within largest can size (inserts required).
  • Protects Can shape and maximizes sensitivity through the use of volume-filling Inserts.
  • Rapid testing - from 5-15 seconds for detecting most leaks.
  • Simple operation - test initiates from sliding-lid closure.
  • Test results shown on lamps: Pass – Fine Fail – Coarse Fail
  • Quantitative result on backlit display.
  • 20 nameable methods. User programmable to optimize for different sized products.
  • Test parameters stored and accessible under password access.
  • Setting and control of test times and parameters for keyboard.
  • Internal generation of test vacuum from compressed air (alternatively external vacuum pump).
  • High resolution measurement of leak rate.
  • Recall of most recent test data to review test parameters
  • Stainless steel construction.

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