Circular knitting machine for laboratories

Due to its high precision, the circular knitting machine is suitable for laboratories. The knit allows a visual check to the evenness of the coating and the color affinity of the yarn. The specific needle density depends on the yarn count.

Application: Textile

  • Handy use with the ergonomic keyboard, which includes: electronic yarn meter, speed adjusting regulator and lightning coloured led, showing the machine operating status.
  • Adjustable cylinder rotation from 0 to 45 rpm, thanks to an electronic potentiometer.
  • Yarn length device for the sample length setting and the counting of the samples to check. 
  • Automatic lubricating system of the cylinder.
  • Fabric stitch density micro-regulation with an accurate mechanical regulator.
  • ø 3 ¾” interchangeable cylinders able to process a wide range of (natural / synthetic) yarns and counts
  • Electronic / automatic device for the yarn tension con trol with an 0.1 cN accuracy to allow an accurate and steady operative yarn tension (optional)
  • Knot detector to evidence on the fabric the package change (in between two bobbins) (optional)
  • Foot switch (optional) for the machine start, after a new package loading, without using the keyboard.
  • Power supply: 380V three phases + neutral 50Hz. (220V three-phase 60 Hz on demand)
  • Power: 1100W
  • Dimensions: 850 mm x 1050 mm x 1750 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 130kg

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